1-IntroductionNowadays, one of the main causes which results to suicide is depression, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2012, depression has serious effect on 350 million people in almost countries all over the world. In 2012, WHO shows that depression is a psychological state that people feel very sad and anxious and often have physical symptoms such as being unable to sleep or they can’t any hopes in their life, they even want to give up everything,want to die to do nothing. Follow by WHO (2008), depression occurs at varied age and both male and female. In 2015, National Institute of Mental Health (NIH) also has the statistics follow by sex, age and race the percentage of adolescents under depression in the US. It can be seen from statistics, depression is the most popular with female (19.5%), with age of 15 (16.1%) and two or more races (15.

6%). Besides, according to Eyerosie there are eight percent young people from 12-17 of age suffer from depression. Depression is more and more popular and serious in young people therefore this research paper is carried out to provide information about symptoms, causes, effects, and treatments of depression in the young.

 2-Discussion of findings  2.1. Symptoms Like other diseases, depression also has its own manifestations. According to Headspace-National Youth Mental Health Foundation (2007), Mayo Clinic (2017) and Better Health Channel (2017) there are eight symptoms of depression on young people. The first sign is feeling sad, helpless and hopeless. Everything that happens around you becomes meaningless, you are not interested in anything. The second is angry and irritability, means that everything even over small problem also make depressed people angry, feels uncomfortable.

Feeling of worthlessness or culpability is the third sign of depression, people under depression always feel guilt and blame themselves. The next symptom is the shortage of energy, vitality and motivation, which make depressed people looks dull, does not have strength to do anything. In addition, you will have problem with sleeping when you are depressed, it means you can sleep less or more than usual even as almost all day. No less important is eating disorder. If eating well, the weight will increase significantly; if not eating well, the weight also decrease quite a lot.

Besides, there are the trouble making decisions and ability to concentrate. Last but not least, depressive people often think about death or suicide because of feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, worthlessness and guilt. In general, symptoms of depression are varied and difficult to recognize at the beginning of illness. However, the late detection of a depressed person will lead to adverse effects and difficulties in the treatment. 2.

2. CausesKnown as a popular illness, depression may be caused by hereditary factors or biological ones, dope or smoking. However, at different age depression is caused by different factors.

According to Action Mental Health (AMH) and Better Health Chanel (2017), there are two main causes of depression in young people they are pressure from studying and working and problem in relationships2.2.1-Pressure from studying and workingReferring to school, people often think about healthy environment, an ideal place for studying, making friends. Contrast with wonderful appearance, students have to face with a lot of pressures. They experience the stress examination, there are more and more test in one school year, and with many homework. As a result, students do not have time to relax, lead to be tired, listless.

In addition, if they get low mark, do wrong tasks, they can receive criticisms from teacher or parents, which make them feel useless, depressing. Nevertheless, children’ studying is often expected by parents, who want to their children become a perfect person or study follow their way, continue their work. Parents do not find what children like, what children want to do, what children want to become, instead of that they usually pre-direction and then take children to follow. Expectations of parents too much make children feel uncomfortable and have no interest in doing. After graduation and have a work, think that there are less pressure than studying; however, the working environment is not the same as the learning environment, therefore pressures are not the same. When working, you must be under pressure from manager, boss, colleagues, with the large number of deadlines every week, sale imposition and do not have much time for rest.

The similar with studying, if you do not well you will be told off, your coworker will be disdainful and have bad words about your ability. Time also is problem with people in work. In that moment, you also feel tired, worthless and depressed at work. In fact that, as society grows, the needs for life are increasing, which take people on the race to try to perfect in the way society looks. Humans attach importance to the remarks of others, often more criticisms than compliments; absorbing negative things people will lose confidence, the self-trust, leading to depression and suicide.

For instance, in December, 2017, the young famous singer of Korea Kim Jonghyun committed suicide at home, which was a huge shock of his family, friends, fans; the cause of this heartache is Jonghyun’s depression, which was caused by pressure from his singing career. It is also common of knowledge that there are many celebrities in the world who committed suicide because of depression such as: Chris Cornell (the leader of Soundgarden band), actor Park Yong Ha (actor of the film Winter Sonata).  2.2.2-Stressful relationshipsThe first is relationship in family. With some young people, depression rarely is caused by the disagreement in their relationship with father or mother, that is probaly mainly due to the argument of parents. A negative, stressful or unhappy family atmosphere can affect to thinking, feeling of children, guiding to depression. Moreover, parents’ busy also make children feel lonely and boring, they do not feel parents’ love and the distance of parents and children is more and more wide, which make children depressed.

 The second is relationship with friend, i will mention the bullying. Bullying can happen at school, company, any environment. It affect to not only health but also mental of young people. They are obsessed with violent behavior, have increase in anxiety, fear. They will reduce the frequency of contact with the outside and others, which make more and more lonely and depressed. 2.2.

3-Other factorsWith the development of technology and social networks, young people focus more on facebook, zalo and do not care people around. According to Health, in 2010, there are 1.2% of population from 16 of age spend almost their time for online and it is the serious reason of major depression in young people. When online, we contact with virtual world, with people who we do not know, the result we decrease time to care the things around, lead to loneliness and then is depression.     2.3. Effects Mayo Clinic (2012) and Eyerosie showed that depression affects every facet of life, both health, the mind and relationships.

It has serious effects on health, means that making fatigue and physical sickness. Nevertheless, depression also affects brain development, lead to decline in awareness. Depression cause blood vessels to constrict , raising the risk of cardiovascular disease. The weight is a trouble, it can rise causing obesity or reduce causing malnutrition.

In addition, when pressure is too much people will find alcohol or drug, which advance addiction. There are many concerns about relationships of depressed people, the contradiction in family, friends, fellow-workers. Finally, suicide is a worrisome consequence, WHO (2012) provided almost 1 million people suicide every year because of depression. In conclusion, depression has very serious effects, although it is not detected early we need appropriate treatments. 2.4. Treatments2.4.

1-Medication and psychotherapyBoth National Alliance for the Mentally III (NAMI, 2017) and Better Health Chanel (2017) show that antidepressant medication is the popular and have the fastest effective. It take 2-4 weeks to start having effect or to 12 weeks get the best result. In fact that, this medicine is not sedative or narcotics, but we need to see doctor to get advice and fill a prescription instead of buying and using unreasonable. NAMI (2017) also list some kind of common medication such as Fluoxetine, Sertraline, Aripiprazole, Desipramine.

The second popular treatment is psychotherapy (NAMI, 2017), which is used together with medication. However, difference from medication, psychotherapy focuses on awareness, it give teenagers chance to share their stresses and then setting up skill to tackle, change draw back. 2.4.

2-Increase in pressure from studying, working and bullyingGoing down stresses on learning, working and bullying is very important with young people (Medical journal of Australia, 2002). In school, reducing burden from test is necessary; officials, teachers should classify students follow by bobby, talent and allow they chose subjects, sports to avoid boredom and ineffectiveness. There should be voluntary and comfortableness in classes, the lesson should be more and more attractive, and teacher should take care more of their students, replacing to scolds teacher should explain, give advice and give praise for students’ achievement. Besides, parents should be understand more about children, give them more care and help them in orientation not the same to compulsory them. The same that, working environment should also be cosy, colleagues should help each other, and spending time of weekend for relaxing. Moreover, the bullying need to decline by attention of adults, and awareness of young people about violent.

2.4.3-Other treatmentsAccording to Better Health Chanel (2017) and Eyerosie, there are some tips for facing with depression. They are exercising about for five to ten minutes every day, eating more food which good for health, talking more with friends instead of online, spending time for relaxing, having positive thinking, and loving yourself. 3-Conclusion                                                

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