1 Introduction

In this report, the selecting organisation is Accor Hotels, a French International
tourism and Hospitality group, the project aims to analysis the current strategies,
both internal and external factors will also be analysed on the organisation in
this report.

2 Overview

2.1 The business

Accors is a French based International Tourism and Hospitality group, it
was fist established by Paul Dubrule and Gerard
Pelisson in 1967, they were also the founder of SIEH hotel group, during the same year they opened the first Hotel, Novotel
in Lille Lesquin. It was later expanded to Internationally with Switzerland, Middle
East and Cameroon.

Accor has over 4100 Hotels in 92 countries around the world. Accor
provides Hotels in every range, from five-star luxury Hotel, Sofitel,
midrange Novotel Hotels to price economic Hotel, ibis budget.

market and customers are from all over the world, these involves from business travellers
to regular travellers, with different class and segments, European customers are
their main target, in a total over a third of a million accommodations in the
European region.

2.2 Competitors

current times Accor are currently in the top hotel chains and globally a powerful
brand that provides advances, top-quality service to the hotel customers and
partners, and of course there are quite a few competitors, their main rivals
are Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, InterContinental Hotels Group and Marriott
International. According to Tore, (2017) these are the main competitors because
based on ratings Holiday Inn (IHG group) and Hiltons hotels and resorts have a
higher Brand Strength Index (BSI) score, when Accors’s Novotel sit under wit 84.5
BSI score.


2.3 Global coverage and expansion.

Pelisson and Dubrule wanted to develop and keep expanding the company, and
therefore Ibis was created, a no frills hotel brand. The other brand under
Accor was Novotel, Novotel was a good start, during the time in was well known
as easy parking, dependable quality, and quick service. Novotel had regional
demands in style because they character, and offers restaurant. In 1970s,
Novotel became one of the top hotel chains in Europe, with other 240 rooted across

1975, they expand again with the purchase of the Mercure hotel, which the chain
carry Accor more into city areas and for the business traveller market.

had a very rapid expansion back in the early days, and in the 1990s, Accor was
running more hotels across the world than any other hotels groups within the
same industry.


Mission statement

According to Accor (2017a),
Accor’s mission statement is welcoming heart beyond borders, by doing this,
because there are millions
of people in the world living in extreme poverty. 12% of them are young people
and also without basic reading and writing knowledge, out of those millions 60%
of those are women. In developing continents, almost one in five people live on
less than $1.25 a day.

Solidary AccorHotels set
up the fund in 2008 to help people improving their employability and fight  for economic and social exclusion of them who
are at risk of poverty.



Accor also have the
following statement “Their priority mission is to promote access to professionalization, employment or
entrepreneurship, by supporting projects with positive implications for
vulnerable people in countries where Accor Hotels is established.”

There are two levels to act
vocational training and economic development, training is aimed at the empowerment
of beneficial while economic is to support managing or creating income generating
activities. Accor also wants to
accompany emergency situations by helping locals to settle with the
immediate and lasting consequences of humanitarian disasters.

Solidarity AccorHotels can
raise funds which include from their employees and customers, and will always
continue to support more projects and beneficiaries.


3.2   Organization Cultural

to Schein (2004), Culture
is define as custom and right, meaning espoused values, published, publicly announced
valued. The
Accord culture is built around integrity. Being honest, open and doing the
right thing are principles we all share. This inspires terrific confidence with
the finance professionals to work with and their client companies Accor
finance. Accor love helping companies to reach their potential.

3.3   Social responsibilities

Accor’s Social responsibility provides responsibility in terms of
society and the environment. Their aim is to reduce less food waste by 30% by
2020. Renovations and upcoming projecting, buildings with low carbon and 1,000
urban vegetable gardens in its hotels.





4.0 Resources,
competencies and capabilities.

According to Okumus, Altinay, and Chathoth, (2010) the more chance
of having competitive advantage is based of the more resources you participially
have, in this scenario both tangible and intangible can be seen. Starting with tangible,
theses includes physical, financial and human. Currently the loyalty programme plays
a main role, by the reason of earning points when cardholders(customers) stay
within one of the hotels group, this only works as cardholders, members, meaning
that other travellers who booked via travel agency will not have pointes and won’t
have the benefits. Throughout the Accor’s annual report, they mentioned that
they have successfully secured around 40% to 60% of their own bookings. Another
tangible resource of Accor is that they have over 250,000 employees (Accor

Accor are willing to spent, within the first six calendar months of 2017, in a
total of 186 million on property, plant and equipment. Some parts include renovating
and maintaining expenditure of the cost around 23 million on DRHI hotels(company)
that manage Fairmont Raffles, and Swissotel in Toronto, Canada.  

Whereas intangible are factors such as goodwill
and the brand name, Accor’s brand name is an intangible rescore that hold have
a copy right, so that no one can replicate the brand. They are licensed and are
parent of many other brands across all segment, it is also believed that Accor
Hotel is the only hotel group in
the world that has all market segments, from luxury to price economic.


Competences can be related to what they have
done well to provide a competitive advantage among other competitors
(Rouse, 2017)  

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