1.   PurposeThisdocument covers Change Management procedure to provide the related guidelinesto all CompuGain Solutions’ employees. The process changes which may affectoperations, quality, environment, or safety of the organization should beadequately assessed and approved by the senior management of CompuGainSolutions or by a designated representative of the management prior to thechange implementation. 2.   ScopeTheChange Management procedure mentioned in this document is intended to address onlythose changes that may have a direct impact on CompuGain’s business managementsystem, or subsequent delivery of its services. 3.

   ObjectivesThe changes need to be ensured, assessed anddocumented in consistent manner. The changes should not adversely affect operations, quality, environment, or safety, or the levels of services to the client(s). The changes are not made by people without the knowledge and acknowledgement of the relevant heads or stakeholders. 4.   Definition of ChangeThe procedures specified in this document needs tobe carried out if there is any alteration to the following: •       Process change atorganization level •       Documented business informationmaintained by employees•       Equipment, hardware,software•       Vendor selection andmanagement 5.    Levelsof Change Level 1: Consider Level 1 when: There is no effect of the change to the final deliverables, organization level operation, safety, or work environment etc. Level 2: Consider Level2 when:  The changes are related to the procedures, employee assignments and equipment have moderate impact on the final deliverables, operations, safety, or work environments. Level 3: Consider Level3 when: The changes are related to procedures, employee assignments and equipment have major impact on the final deliverables, operations, safety, or work environments.

6.   Change Procedure6.1.  Step1 – Initiation of ChangeIfany change in the predefined process is identified by any employee or acontractor of the company, it needs to be initiated through the Change Managementprocess explained in this document.

  Thechange process originator needs to notify his/her immediate supervisor ormanager to detail the proposed change requirement. With concurrence by thesupervisor or manager, the process shall then be forwarded to the concerned managementrepresentative for further review.6.

2.  Step2 – Review by the ManagementCompuGain’smanagement representative shall review the change request for the potentialoperational impact in terms of cost, benefits, and associated risks (if any),with the inputs from the respective process owners (in case of moderate impact)and CompuGains’s top management (in case of major impact) – as managementrepresentative finds appropriate. The change having negligible impact may beapproved and processed directly by the management representative. If the change request is approved, themanagement representative needs to detail the actions necessary to control theimpact of it and forward the same to the respective process owner for furtherimplementation. 6.3.  Step3 – Implementation of ActionsPost thechange request is forwarded by the management representative to the respectiveprocess owner; the process owner is responsible for implementing the same andcoordinating for the actionable.

 If itis determined that the change needs further assessment while implementing thechange, such assessments needs to be documented and submitted for review priorto competing the change process. The change should be implemented only afterthe assessment and monitored by the process owner through the successfulcompletion of it. 7.

   Closingout the Change RequestThemanagement representative is responsible for verifying the satisfactoryimplementation of the change proposed, and the effectiveness of the controlmeasures. 8.   Emergency ChangesThemanagement of change process is intended to prevent the employees from taking immediatesteps to protect the organizational environment, safety, and overall workculture during an emergency and unplanned but essential event.

Anychange made under such circumstances needs to be followed up with anappropriate documentation in a timely manner.

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