1. The option that I selected is option 2: oil exploration/ extraction in offshore areas. 2. The title of the article that I found is: “Trump’s Offshore Drilling Plan-What You Need to Know”. The link to the article is: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/01/trump-administration-announces-offshore-drilling-plans-spd/ 3.

There are three main points in the article and they are (1) the plan (2) a history of opposition and (3) impacts on animals (and jobs). If you didn’t know already, on January 4, 2018, president Donald Trump and his team showed the world there plan for offshore drilling and gas leasing for the United States (Zachos, 2018). Offshore drilling is expected to be expanded in the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico (Zachos, 2018). The United States Department of Interior believes that there is more than 3 billion barrels of oil and 30 trillion cubic feet of gas located offshore (Zachos, 2018). As with many plans, there are people that are for it and against it. For example, House Speaker Paul Ryan is positive that offshore drilling will bring in more jobs and revenue for the United States (Zachos, 2018). But, Al Gore is certain that President Trump is defying Americans and that the plan will threaten coastal communities (Zachos, 2018).4.

 There are many challenges that come with the offshore drilling plan. One problem is the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Arctic Ocean haven’t been drilled on for decades and drilling in these areas know might ruin industrial development in those areas (Zachos, 2018). Another big problem that could happen from drilling is oil spills (Zachos, 2018). The BP oil spill was horrific because many lives were impacted both human and animals. Even though President Trump’s proposed plan could create a lot of jobs, if an oil spill happens in one of the sites, jobs that depend on fishing and tourism will be lost (Zachos, 2018).

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