1. It encourages ignorance.Ignorance is a tool that can be used to control people and keep them unaware about what is really going on in their community. Censoring information about corruption and injustices means people will continue to be victims and of abuse and exploitation. the most devastating consequence of censorship–oblivion 2. It promotes manipulation for personal gain.If the government is in charge of censoring media, politicians can use it to their advantage by allowing the publishing of information or advertisements only of companies, organizations, and other affiliations that support their political goals. Monopoly of censorship as a tool for purging society of freedom-seekers and dissenters 3. It limits education and awareness.War, poverty, terrorism, epidemics, and climate change are some of the most pressing issues society is faced with today. Sugarcoating or screening the information presented to the public could prevent people from knowing what is really going on in the world and hinder them from preparing for or addressing global issues. When signing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, the members of the newly established United Nations pledged to remember the millions of people murdered in Nazi Germany. Nevertheless, in full view of the media-saturated international community, history has repeated itself, for example in the Yugoslavian territories in the 1990s and in Rwanda in 1994. 4. It takes away the freedom of speech.The First Amendment of the American Constitution protects the freedom of speech, and this freedom is what the U.S. is built upon. Limiting what can and cannot be said or published by the media is taking away this basic right. AGAINST CENSORSHIP:The publishing of hacked data can also be in the public’s interest. Hacking reports can act as a valuable addition to the checks and balances that keep those in power in line. It is also part of the role of the press, to shed light on what has been kept in the dark, and in checking power.When governments suppress all other information that may jeopardize the government’s position in the state or country—using the media to spread propaganda that is false information (like in japan in WWII period) this can allow corrupt practices to manifest inside of a country without awareness, and possible exploitation of the people.

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