author of this article gives psychological insight as to how social media has altered human
relationships. The introduction of
social media has resulted in the decline of true
conversation, eye to eye contact, and spontaneous happenings. The relationship
that people have face to face are more real because we use all of our five
senses to get in touch with that relationship and relationship over social media
are more different. For an online
relationship you can only go by the
pictures that you see and not the actual person. The article also helps to raise the idea
that the way people interpret people, places, and things are altered by way of social media’s and other new forms of communications. New forms of methods to prey the weak over the
internet is also mentioned. People have also been numb to the emotional needs of others. With the onset of numerous
social apps people now have the freedom to choose when they interact with
friends and family. We suddenly have the ability to switch on and off

generation of
people would rather talk to people
online and have online relationship rather than talking to people face to face
and having a personal relationship. “People today generally prefer “mediated communication”
rather than personal interaction” (Wagner,pg.
116). Us humans have evolved from being the
social creatures we
once were however we now prefer
a relationship through their devices. Technology allows us to
interact with people miles away but it can also alienate those a few feet from
us in our own homes. adults in the fast paced world feel the need to schedule
conversations and interaction with colleagues, friends, and family. Social media sites allow the opportunity to edit
conversations. Nothing is genuine or candid. When people have the ability to rehearse and edit
conversations relationships are less genuine.This
article will help to give more clarity to just how much interaction has changed
due to social media and
new technology.

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