13 Rottweiler People Essay, Research PaperJoey Dean10/21/00Ms. ScheissEng.10213 Rottweiler Peoples1. Hello, Captain O & # 8217 ; Flanerty here. I work with a batch of Canis familiariss, German Shepard & # 8217 ; s, labs aureate retrievers. I besides work with Rottweilers.

We use these Canis familiariss for many undertakings. We use them for drug sniffing, aroma trailing, and for culprit apprehention. Some say a Rottweiler is a average Canis familiaris and scare people. They have kind of a bad Rapp. Well, I tell you what, I have met some of the nicest Canis familiariss in the universe.

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And some of them have been Rottweilers.2. My neighbour owns a Rottweiler. I hate that darn Canis familiaris it ever gets out of the pace and gets in my refuse.

My childs country afraid to play outside. I told him his Canis familiaris was nuisance, he some immature cat that will crush my buttocks. He doesn & # 8217 ; t attention. The fencing dividing our paces is all patched up because his Canis familiaris is ever breaking the fencing.

It & # 8217 ; s a large black Rottweiler. I have had the carnal control come out and state him to maintain his Canis familiaris in the pace. But it didn & # 8217 ; t work. Though I haven & # 8217 ; t seen the Canis familiaris for a twosome of yearss.3. There are a twosome of rotts on our vicinity. The 1s around the corner are o.k.

Canis familiariss. They belong to a pace that resembles a mini junkyard. There is a immense male that merely strolls around the vicinity.

Not looking for anything it seems merely, taking a walk on occasion the younger 1 that besides comes from the mini pace will be rolling around the locality of were of all time the large one is walking. They don & # 8217 ; t do any problem they merely cruise about. Our neighbours on the west side of us besides have a rott. She is about four old ages old she is a really good mannered Canis familiaris and I have seen her out in the forepart pace By the pavement allowing all the small childs around her pet her and drama with her.

She listens to her proprietor reasonably good- a immature twosome live at that place. Some times she gets out of the pace. She hasn’t been acquiring out recently. Well I amen at least I haven’t seen her.4. Hello, my name is Travis. I have a Rottweiler. Her name is Elly.

I got her from my best friend Joey. His Canis familiaris Nikki had puppies and he gave her to me for graduation. She is the baddest Canis familiaris I in the universe, I love her so much. She has the best personality. I like her gawky dopiness. She makes me laugh, she is merely a small over a twelvemonth old. If you pullout the mag-lite torch she goes brainsick, she is f $ % *^n & # 8217 ; loony for the visible radiation when it is on the wall or what of all time you shine it on. If you make the small sound the switch on the mag-lite makes when you turn it on and off, she will look at you like & # 8220 ; you have the mag lit? & # 8221 ; you can reflect visible radiation on the wall with your ticker, cadmium instance, cadmium, anything glistening.

Elly is get downing to mellow out a small though but it will be a piece before she grows into her organic structure, so she will be fun for a long clip. She is still quit flighty and is truly scared of new things some times. and is besides really protective.

She gets really aggressive when she gets scared, and is really aggressive when she feels the demand to protect. She still has a batch to larn.5.

My grandson has a Rottweiler. I don & # 8217 ; t truly similar large chilling Canis familiariss because ; I & # 8217 ; m non certain why I merely have a fright of large Canis familiariss. My grandson certain loves his Canis familiaris though. He is ever touting about her.

She is a reasonably good Canis familiaris I have to acknowledge. She listens reasonably good and is good around kids. She doesn & # 8217 ; t mind them at all, if she starts to acquire irritated she merely gets up and goes and lays someplace else.

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