According to the latest report compiled by the ministry on sanitation coverage, Sikkim has retained the top slot with 99.9% sanitation coverage, followed by Himachal Pradesh (97.11%) and Kerala (96.35%).But Maharashtra where the BJP is sharing power with other parties, have been placed at the 15th position.Cleaniliness of toillets is not the sole reason contributing to Sikkim’s positiom but it was also seen that no one in Sikkim uses plastics, no one smokes in public places, no one urinates in the open, and no one litters. There is a penalty for every violation.The model has evolved over the years to ensure citizens abide by the rules — breaking them fetches stiff fines. Urinating in a public place, for example, could cost a resident or a visitor Rs 500; the penalty for smoking in public places is Rs 200. These provisions of penalty — all part of a legislation passed by the assembly — have been enforced for over a decade now. Sikkim has clearly emerged as the cleanest, with a possibility of becoming the first state with zero poverty (only 8% families are now living below poverty line).Where as , Maharashtra’s hydrological and geographical features make the process of water conservation and recharge difficult . Sustainability of the water sources during summer months is a problem faced by majority of the districts in the state.Evidence indicates that water supply scheme designs in the state continue to be non sustainable, equipment and construction are sub-standard. Existing schedule of rates also needs to be revised. Proper yield testing, source protection, community awareness and monitoring are essentials that currently are ignored, which results in wastage of funds.The state government’s commitment to economic pricing of water is lacking. This has reduced the reliability of underground water sources and forced the use of more expensive surface water sources, which often involve pumping water over long distances.

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