1984 Analysis Essay, Research Paper1984, written by George Orwell, is a fictional history of a futuristic society controlled by the Inner Party, an elect minority of persons ordering control over the lives of its citizens. This control is more than political. The universe is divided into three world powers invariably at war.

Oceania is the state where the primary focal point of the novel takes topographic point. Large Brother is the fabulous swayer of its authorities. The authorities exercises more than political control over its citizens. Its control is entire, with the aim of destructing all personal freedom and free endeavor. The authorities restricts all societal, economic, rational, and emotional facets of society. The chief character, Winston Smith, is a member of the Outer Party and a 2nd category citizen. He is employed by the Ministry of Truth to manufacture prevarications about the history of his state, Oceania. He in secret rebels against Big Brother by composing in a diary and thereby going a Thoughtcriminal.

Winston so has an matter with Julia, put on the lining everything by talking with her about his personal expostulation to Big Brother political orientation. He becomes friendly with a individual named O Brien, whom he believes is portion of the rebellious forces called the Brotherhood. In actuality, O Brien is an Inner Party clandestine undercover agent who finally exposes Winston and studies him as a Thoughtcriminal. O Brien is responsible for reforming Winston. He personally interrogates, brainwashes, anguishs and finally interrupt Winston emotionally when he forces Winston s caput into a coop of rats. Winston loses every scintilla of human feeling, swears commitment to Big Brother and lives out the decision of his life as an passionless pawn of the authorities. The fresh terminals as a triumph for the Inner Party because it has reformed another Thoughtcriminal.

Tone:The tone of the novel is one that presents the characters with a deficiency of delivering human qualities. It shows a universe where peoples emotions are suppressed and where persons are shown in a really dark, baleful mode. The hate, fright, solitariness and disaffection of the characters in the fresh do them all appear to be drown-like animals. It is a dream-like incubus where no 1 can populate or even believe without the fright of being watched, reported, and persecuted.

The psychological subjugation represented in the fresh affects all characters in a manner turns everyone into automatons. The chief character, Winston Smith, lives entirely, has no friends, and has merely unhappy memories of his household. Even when Winston meets Julia, and they become lovers, he appears downtrodden and uninspiring. Julia has no joy in her life.

She may be arising against the hard life conditions, but she doesn t aspire to Winston s more exalted political ends. O Brien characterizes adult male s worst human qualities by showing the demand for power and the hatred for nonconformity.Orwell developed these drone-like characters to set up a non-human society that shocks the reader into believing that such conditions, although improbable, could in some ways become a world in the universe.After Winston s arrest, O Brien asks the undermentioned inquiry ; How does one adult male assert his power over another, Winston? Winston thought.

By doing him endure, said Winston. Precisely. By doing him endure. Obedience is non plenty. Unless he is enduring, how can you be certain that he is obeying your will and non his ain? Power is bring downing hurting and humiliation. ( p.

219 ) O Brien is an passionless character who epitomizes the authorities s political orientation and desire for entire control. O Brien foremost appeared to be friendly but turned out, in the terminal, to show adult male s worst qualities. He contributed to the writer s objective of warning the reader about the effects of excessively much control by authorities.Conflict:The novel creates an illustration of struggle between single freedom and authorities control. It demonstrates what can happen when the power exercised by a few ( Inner Party ) is used to command society. Winston fights back and is crushed in spirit. The authorities maintains a steady staTe of confusion by ordering what people should believe.

This is a authorities that wants to command the ideas of its citizens and must oppress any opposition that threatens its power. History is distorted and the intelligence is fabricated. Friendship and intimate dealingss are out. Everyone feels entirely because their motion in being watched by the symbolic caput of authorities, Big Brother. Unfortunately, the fresh doesn T appear to hold a satisfactory decision. Winston Smith Rebels against Big Brother, but is finally arrested, convicted without a test, and tortured into entry by O Brien, a representative of the Inner Party.Orwell wrote this fresh several old ages after World War II, when states like China and Russia were curtailing single freedom.

In one sense, he was admonishing the universe about the spread of communism. In another sense, he was admonishing people in democratic societies to non let their authorities to restrict single freedom.The struggle does non make suited stoping. The reader may back up Winston, but he doesn t prevail.

The writer gets the reader s attending by allowing the worse happen ; Winston gives in and submits to the Party. It is the writer s hope that this unhappy stoping will do the reader determined ne’er to allow such powerful subjugation happen in the universe.On each landing, opposite the lift shaft, the posting with the tremendous face gazed from the wall.

It was one of those images, which was so contrived that the eyes followed you about when you move. Big Brother Is Watching You, the caption beneath it ran. ( p. 5 ) The struggle between single freedom and excessively much control by the authorities is clearly illustrated by the notice that citizens are being spied upon. This warning, that everyone is being watched, is knowing and represents a show of power by the Party. The message work stoppages fear in the Black Marias of the citizens of the novel.

Few persons have the character to defy the subjugation and those that do are crushed. The celebrated phrase Big Brother Is Watching You is even now recognizable by democratic societies as a premonition against authorities control. Those words have delivered the message that Orwell intended in his novel ; more authorities control means less single freedom.Subject:Betrayal is one of the major subjects of the novel. The authorities is organized with secret Thought Police to watch and describe on rebellious citizens.

No 1 knows whom to swear. Winston s rebellion is know about from the beginning, since he is invariably being followed and observed by the Thought Police. O Brien was one of the people whom Winston thought was a friend and he turned out to be his greatest enemy.

O Brien betrays Winston and in the terminal is responsible for finally destructing him. Winston and Julia were lovers who finally betrayed each other. In their concluding meeting after Winston s anguish they acted like aliens because of the guilt their treachery created in them.

Betrayal played an of import portion in the authorities s control over its citizens and was instilled at an early age. The Parson s kids demonstrated their disposition to describe on any activity as though it was a portion of their lives.The subject of treachery contributes to the overall hopelessness and emptiness of characters in the novel. It contributes to the blunt possibility of what finally can happen in society if there is excessively much power and control exercised by the authorities.They sat down on two Fe chairs, side by side but non excessively close together. He saw that she was approximately to talk I betrayed you, she said baldly. I betrayed you, he said.

She gave him another speedy expression of disfavor. Sometimes, she said, they threaten you with something-something you can t stand up to ( p.240 ) This citation describes a meeting between Winston and Julia after both had been interrogated and broken into entry by the Party. After squealing that they betrayed each other, they realized that they had no close feelings for each other and departed as aliens. This deficiency of emotion by former lovers was the ultimate indicant.

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