Our universe is really turning closer to the universe of 1984 because of the usage of engineering. America is turning into Oceania because we are get downing to lose privateness. For illustration. Big Brother is the swayer of Oceania. He is the name of the govenment non a individual. Big Brother could stand for america’s authorities.

One of the books element that can be compared to todays society is the telescreen. The telescreens in 1984 were everyplace and ne’er turned off. It Picked up everything you did in your flat. It even picked any noise you made. It was Winstons fright of being over heard or seen.

Surveillance is scaring to some people. Most of the palces we go to is full of camera’s. There is cameras in the promenade. schools. and even on the streets ATM machine. Telephone lines are besides a manner of descrying on you. It is besides east to tap a phone call. Largely everytime you name a shop or a bussiness your phone call is being recorded. The alibi that they make is that your phone call is being monitered for your protection.

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If telecastings in todays society had a bit that is called the “V Chip” . The authorities would be able to command what you watch on your televison. The bit does really exsist in todays universe. Even without the bit the govenment could still command all the media on televison.

A computing machine called the “The Pentium III” by Intel is able to observe everyplace you go on-line in order to acquire feedback of what people like to see in the cyberspace. The govenment tracks what people do and see on day-to-day footing. A batch of people have a Easy-Pass. This keeps path of how many times you go through a span. Who knows if they could track it by satelite.

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