2.2.3. ERP System


After I got the time measurement of the
subprocess and the machines, which were 
determined for my observed products. I entered the data into the ERP
System. I used Cost Accounting function to enter my data. I entered for any
product these data, the weight in grams, subprocess, time measurement of the
subprocess. The system analysis the data and gives the overall cost with
categorization. That was my task, but I had a chance to see how the production
report uses. There was a project with a big company, and they prepared some
report for pricing. My manager showed me how I can convert the production
report to sales report.  I saw the
effects of costs on pricing. For Sales Report see Appendix 2, Figure 9.

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In conclusion, my
opinion is, the Process Improvement Department is one of the most important
department in a company, especially if the company has big projects and product
scale with an extensive ERP System. It makes the company better with designing
the best solutions of any project. I had a chance to experience at Process
Improvement Department, I could see a lot of things about the factory and
office progress. Although it is my first experience I received good feedbacks
from my Manager and Supervisor. It made me trust myself on business level.


3.Team Work


I could not have a chance to work
with a team. If I had a chance, I would improve my team-work skills. Being part
of a team is a good advantage because the interns can help each other.

Achieving the solution can take time a little bit shorter.Also, the improvement
of the process can be better with brainstorming.On cost accounting project, the
subprocess of the products could take time a little bit shorter, if there was a
team. The motion study work could be done and had a chance to work on a new
project. Utilities and feedbacks of the tasks could get at short notice since
we could discuss the problems together.With the team, we could see working with
people in real life, different from lessons, on a business level.

4. Conclusion


I think it was a great internship. My
department had two employees Mr. Bahad?r – Process Improvement Department
Manager and Mrs. Çalay?r –Process Improvement Department Engineer, who are
industrial engineers.Since there were two people in my department, my
communication was easy with them, I had a chance to have a meeting almost every
day with my Internship Supervisor Mrs. Çalay?r.Also I consulted when I had a
problem. I observed their experiences in the sector closely.Firstly, my
Supervisor helped me to understand and to analyze my project. She taught me the
Cost Accounting function on the ERP System.Actually, I learned other progress
of the functions on the ERP System. I assisted the development and applying of
the ERP System using my industrial engineering knowledge.

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