2:  High Quality:

     It goes without saying that you want to
provide the highest quality products and services to clients so that they come
again and again.

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3: Efficiency:

       One of my business points should fixate on
productivity since that implies you can deal with more customers throughout a
day. Targets for achieving this objective could be having more staff available
amid the day, remaining open somewhat later or preparing staff to be snappier
without yielding quality.

4:  Employee Retention:

Just as important as keeping your
clients, keeping your employees can make or break your                    beauty salon. If you goal is
to hang on to yours, objectives for doing so could be special training programs
for new employees, regular meetings to discuss problems or complaints your
employees may have, and offer incentives, such as a day off or a longer lunch
break, to those who perform well.

5: Location:

        You should provide
an easily accessible location for customers.

6: Pleasant Environment:

 You should
 an environment conducive to giving relaxing
and professional service and smooth peaceful enivornment.


7: Convenience:

You should offer clients a wide range of services in one
setting, and extended business hours


   Price of services
should be fair so that clients came again and stay happy

9: Profit:

Providing good services so customers so they come again and again
and your business earn profit and good reputation.

10: Growth:

Your goal should be to grow your
business in good way with loyalty, respect and customer care.

 Prioritize of business goals:
are three prioritize of my business goals

1: Client

2: Employees

3: Pleasant Environment.

1: My first priority
is client retention because if your client are not happy with you and with your
services then your business having no future and your reputation will be spoil
in market.

2: My second
priority is employees retention because if your employees are not happy with
you then they can break your business, if they are happy then your business
earn profit day by day  and your
reputation will rise.

3:My third
priority is pleasant environment because if your environment is not comfortable
and peaceful for customers and for employees then your business can face crises.

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