3.1 Competitive Rivalry- HighCompetitive rivalry likewise implies competition among existing organizations in the industry. it is use to determine the intensity of the competition .The level of competition in sports ventures is extremely solid particularly for Nike  with having real contenders like Addidas, Puma, Under Armor and Vans. These different brands like nike take part in extreme rivalry in entering the market further and prevailing upon a greater piece of the pie from each other.

This makes the cost on advertising increasingly high as well (Pratab,2017). 3.2 Threats On New Entrants-LowThreats on new entrants refers to the forthcoming risk of new competitor poses to the existing companies in the industries. Making a successful and profitable organization like nike to pull in a greater number competitors than it already do. That being said, starting a professional  business like Nike isn’t as simple as one might think, there are numerous prerequisites. Any new rivalry that do join the industry may need to begin off as a small level initially. Building a household brand name like Nike does not occur overnight, it takes a great deal of time, effort and capital investments.

With nike’s solid position in the market mitigates the threat to an large extend(Pratab,2017).3.3 Threats Of Substitutes-HighThreats of substitutes continuously happens when different organizations inside a similar industry produces comparative items or services driving them to compete in the market for a same client base.

Nike products are of a fantastic quality because of the raw materials utilized which influences the retail to value it higher. That makes nike highly vulnerable for substitution as the accessible products created by competitors are offering at a lower cost(Bevilacqua,N.2011). 3.

4 Bargaining Power Of Suppliers-LowNike being in the industries of sports footwear, equipment and apparels, the demand is constantly high. Smaller business and retailers need to purchased what big and prominent brands like Nike makes regardless. That being said, Nike has a considerable measure of power compared to other companies in the industries, making the power of suppliers the least significant concern to the influence it would have to the strategies Nike comes up with(Forbes,2012).

 3.5 Bargaining Power Of Customers-Basically the customers can easily influence the power of Nike by purchasing from other companies within the similar industry as the switching cost is quite low. nonetheless, the small size of individual customers limits their individual power on the organisation. These external factors prompt the lead to the moderate bargaining power of customers

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