billboardadvertisement is one of the outdoor methods of advertising. Its changing thelandscape we live in and transforming the look of our cities (Eller&ANNIV,2006).s2 multimedia intends to reach masses of consumers hencebillboards are an appropriate method to reach masses of consumers where theywork,travel,socialize and live. Compared to other mass media such as television,radio, internet and magazines.

Billboards are more effective because theycannot be switched off or put down or disappear (Hackbarth et al,2001). theyare also a fast and cheaper route of advertising to a large group ofconsumers(Eller&Yaniv)s2multimedia can deliver their messages for free to customers since customers donot have to. pay in order to view the message like magazines and newspapers.Huge size font, bright eye catching graphics and textures that can leave longlasting impressions in the  consumers’minds can be used by the company to make their advertising more effective(hackbarth et al,2001).another benefit for s2 multimedia would be the constantexposure of advertisement as it will stand there without an iterruptions.s2 multimediawould have their advertisement 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without an interruptions.

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