42 is a biographical sports film by Brian Helgeland detailing the life of the first ever African American baseball player in any major league in the United States . . This movie shows the passing of sports in the United States from its dark segregated past to its bright and equal future among all races . Jackie enrolled in the Pasadena junior college and was named the most valuable youth player in 1938 for his amazing performance in baseball that year .

Jackie then received many offers from high schools all over the country to continue his last 2 years under a full scholarship but ended up choosing (UCLA) .moths before finishing his education Jackie dropped out of (UCLA) in fear of not being Able to forward his career in sports and worked as a temporary job as an assistant athletic director at a camp in Atascadero, CaliforniaRobinson was drafted in to US army in 1942 and served in fort Riley in Kansas he faced a lot of racism for the color of his skin even in the army when he was asked to join the fort Riley baseball team but the team would have to sit him out of the game where the opponents refused to play against a black man . Robinson refused to play a single game for them . He then moved to fort hood where he faced even more racism when one day he was trying to sit on the bus and was asked to sit at the back but jakie know that the army had banned segregation on all of its vehicles refused and jakie was arrested for insubordination but luckily the army dropped its charges with no evidence and Jackie was granted honorable discharge in 1944. In 1945 Robison has hired as a shortstop (baseball position) for the Kansas City Monarchs to play in the Negro Leagues.

No black person would have the chance to play in a major league team because of segregation but in the mid-nineteenth century blacks and whites could play with equal rights but until the “Jim crow” law which required segregation which were put in the late 1800s . Jackie had an amazing season playing for the monarchs and was chosen to play in the negro league all-star game and played the best game of his life not knowing that he was being watched closely by the Brooklyn Dodgers coach. Dodgers president Branch Rickey, determined to break the color barrier in Major League Baseball, was looking for the ideal candidate to prove that blacks had a place in the majors. Rickey saw Robinson as that man, for Robinson was talented, educated, never drank alcohol, and had played alongside whites in college.

Rickey was relieved to hear that Robinson had Rachel in his life; he cautioned the ballplayer that he would need her support to get through the upcoming ordeal.Meeting with Robinson in August 1945, Rickey would intentionally swear at Robinson and warn him of what was still to come in his future about the abuse he would be receiving like the verbal insults , the unfair calls by umpires because of the color of his skin and even the wide range of baseball pitches that would be thrown at his head to injure him during his games .. Off the field as well, Robinson could expect hate mail and death threats. Rickey asked Robinson if he was ready to face all of this abuse or prefer to just go back to his negro league baseball team .

jackie know the importance of his role in the black rights movement Jackie would go on to agree to a three year deal with the Brooklyn Dodgers .Like most new players in the major leagues, Robinson started out on a minor league team. As the first black player in the minors, he signed with the Dodgers’ top farm team( which a team that the Brooklyn Dodgers would take the best players from to play on their team), the Montreal Royals, in October 1945. Before the start of spring training, Jackie Robinson and Rachel Isum were married in February 1946 and headed to Florida for training camp two weeks after their wedding.

Despite all of the hate and abuse he would have to face from all the opposition and even his teammates in the field and the bench and in the stands Jackie would go on to prove himself especially skilled at hitting and at stealing bases and helped lead his team to victory at the Minor League Championship Series in 1946. Jackie Robinson ended the season as Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the International League.To add to all of her husband jakie robinsons success that year his wife Rachel gave birth to Jack Robinson, Jr.

on November 18, 1946.On April 9, 1947, five days before the start of baseball season, Branch Rickey manager of the Brooklyn dodgers made the announcement that 28-year-old Jackie Robinson would play for them. Several of Robinson’s new teammates had joined together and signed a petition, insisting that they would rather be traded off the team than play with a black man. Dodgers manager Leo Durocher yelled at  the men, pointing out that a player as good as Robinson could very well lead the team to the World Series.Robinson started out as first baseman; later he moved to second base, a position he held for the rest of his career.His teammates finally rallied to Robinson’s defense after witnessing several incidents in which opponents verbally and physically assaulted Robinson. One player from the St. Louis Cardinals intentionally spiked Robinson’s thigh so badly, he left a large gash, prompting outrage from Robinson’s teammates.

Robinson overcame his slump, and the Dodgers went on to win the National League pennant. They lost the World Series to the Yankees, but Robinson performed well enough to be named Rookie of the Year.In 1955, the Dodgers once again faced the Yankees in the World Series. They had lost to them many times, but this year would be different. Thanks in part to Robinson’s brazen base-stealing, the Dodgers won the World Series. In the nine years since he had played his first game for the Dodgers, several more teams had signed on black players; by 1959, all of the Major League Baseball teams were integrated.In July 1962, Robinson became the first African-American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

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