is located in West Asia and considered as developing country (
lower-middle-income economy according to the World Bank (
As a post-Soviet state, a number of reforms in the public health care system are
necessary due to emerged health challenges, in particular, significantly
increased mortality rates from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) compared to
communicable diseases (Demographic
and Health Survey 2015-16). According to national healthcare assessment report
(Andreasyan et al, 2012), cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in
Armenia with the second highest mortality rates which continuously rose during last
decades, increasing the demand for more efficient cancer management as well as the implementation
of screening and prevention programs. For this purpose, continued adapted application
of best international practices as well as utilization of quality population-based
research findings for public health care system improvements are essential;
however, internationally comparable research data describing the patterns of the
cancer burden in Armenian population is lacking. While recent worldwide
estimates of cancer incidence and mortality published by the International
Agency for Research on Cancer also include data for Armenia (Ferlay, 2013), the
incidence of cancer for this country has been assessed from national mortality
estimates and the prevalence was based on the average of the neighboring countries. Therefore, the aim of
this study is to provide more accurate estimation and interpretation of
incidence patterns and trends in Armenian population based on complete records
of hospital-based cancer registries for improving cancer control strategies and
developing targeted interventions.

is one of the most important public health issues in the world with an ever-rising
number of new cancer cases, and the situation is more alarming in developing
countries where its incidence is estimated to be increased considerably over
the next decades (Bray, 2014). Cancer burden evaluations and analysis are
therefore indispensable particularly for low and middle-income countries for developing
more effective health policy actions and improving the limited surveillance
systems by resource allocation (Ferlay, 2015).

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