To begin with, one of the reason why Asian Art cametogether was due to religion because it plays a huge role in their culture.However, not all Asian nations have the same beliefs and religion. Even thoughthey may come from one origin, they are transformed to their own unique form intheir respective Asian nation.

For example, Buddhism is a very common religionthroughout Asian countries. I have seen so many different forms and style ofBuddha yet most of them are consistent with the same features, such aselongated ears, hand gestures (Abhrya, Varada, Vitarka, Dharma-Chakra, andDhyana.Mudra), and flowy clothes.Even with the same religion, all beliefs towardsBuddha is different and varies with location or geography. “Buddha Maitreya(Mile fo)” is a Buddha statue from the Northern Wei, China. Northern Wei believed that Maitreyais the only divinity in Buddhism and how he is set out to help the people inneed. On the other hand, Vairocana Buddha, Dainichi Nyorai from Japan isbelieved to be the “great sun” in Japan and that all comes down to the legendwhen the temple was destroyed by a big fire but the statue was still standing.

These variations ofBuddha shows the viewer different stories about Buddhist beliefs of Buddhism. 

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