Lab assignment 1  Submitted byMember 1 : Ruthvic Punyamurtulaclass id : 30Member 2 : Navya Ramya Sirishaclass id : 26Team : 11-2 1)HelloWorld app in android studioWe created a helloworldapp in android studio.

The app was developed in 3 milestones and 6 issues inincrements. The first increment was to use android studio to create a basichelloworld app. The code snippet is given belowThen enhancements weredone to improve the look and the UI of the app in increment 2. The snippet hereshows how an image is added and located relative to the text above it. Theimage was added to the drawable section of the project in order to display theimage in android studioIn increment 3, the background colors were modified and the application was tested on an androidmobile.

Also, a virtual device was created and the application was run on it. Theoutput screen shot is given below.  2)Created “Source” and “Destination” folders under”CS5551_team_11-2_labassignments” repositoryAdded ICP partner ascollaborator and made this as a shared repository. Contribution and commits byeach person are shown in the contribution chart 3)Created 3 milestones and 6 issues in Zen HubBelow images show the burndown chart for eachincrement  Increment 1Increment 2Increment 3            The image below shows 6 issues that were closed inincrements  4)Contribution chart for lab assignment 1 Contributionby Ruthvic: app enhancements in increment 1, image in increment 2, over all source code Sirisha: initial app design, colors in increment 2, testing on virtual device                5)Class diagram for Bank Atm using Creately6)Reference

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