have led to increased economic growth.  Poverty Although a rapidly advancingdeveloping economy, like any developing country, poverty is a problem seen far too often. The increasing number of people who do not have access to basic healthcare and education, can be seen with upwards of The mortality rate of AIDS victims who cannot access medical attention is 100%, leading to a crisis with regards to social problems and increasing population of orphans in the country,  Education There has been increased investment in education reform since the end of apartheid.

Introduction of education to black citizens has led to a dramatic increase in the black population completing higher level education. Investment in education is still necessary, as the core text outlines, as people who come from underprivileged neighbourhoods are being held back,  He bases this research on the income inequality still faced by people and the segregation implemented during apartheid, as an area that still needs to be addressed. Income Inequality Reforms have been introduced to evenly distribute public finances and allow for widespread income equality. Sadly, there is still an unequal distribution of wealth, with the expanding informal sector allowing the rich to stay rich and the poor to stay poor. As stated in the core text, there is a parallel , which, unless merges together, will allow for unemployment rates and income inequality to rise.

Black people are still largely discriminated against, accounting for  Unemployment Nearly quarter of a century since the abolition of apartheid, in the third quarter of 2017, unemployment was reported to be at 27.7%. Black South Africans are still discriminated against, as they account for . While unemployment in low-skilled manufacturing may have increased due to many , the government is not doing enough to encourage development of the manufacturing sector, predominantly associated with the black population.

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