1Running head: A review of ethics on controlling human prosthetics using brain-computer interfacingA review of ethics on controlling human prosthetics using brain-computer interfacingYorick Ohm, Jonas Bak, Joos RutjensRadboud University 2A review on enhancing human prosthetics using brain-computer interfacing and its ethical questions.AbstractIn this review we will be discussing the history, current status and the future prospects ofprosthetics and enhancements. We will also take a look into the ethical problems that theirdevelopment will inevitably bring forth. BCI has been a growing research field for the lastdecade. So we will start by discussing some differences between the various methods of BCI.Hereby laying emphasis on the difference between invasive BCI and non-invasive BCI and theadvantages of each different method. Then we will introduce prosthetics. We’ll first start withsome of its history where we’ll discuss its developments throughout the years and the mainturning points. After that the current climate in prosthetic development will be discussed. Tofollow that up we will look into the expected future that prosthetics will have and the challengesthat will arise on the due to these developments. Subsequently we shall introduce enhancementsand how it differs compared to prosthetics. Then we continue with some examples aboutenhancements that are already present right now and used in society. We will also discuss howenhancements and prosthetics can be combined with BCI and how this could change the futureprospects of both study fields.

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