In a research by Mol and Jolles(2014), conducted on secondary students in a Dutch school.

It focused on schoolperformance regarding leisure reading but with a focus on certain aspects. Theresearch concentrated on leisure reading regarding personal enjoyment, mentalimagery and gender. Most subjects were said to enjoy mental imagery which maybe seen in comic books rather than the usual method of reading. Girls were seento read more than boy. It was shown that boys who did not read had the poorestacademic performance. Also, non-leisure readers whom enjoyed reading receivedbetter academic performance than others.

In their study, they came to the plausibleconclusion that students with better reading abilities did get higher gradesbut they could not conclude that ones that did not enjoy reading for pleasure arethe ones with lower grades. The aspects chosen to limit this research paperwere seen to be a tool for students to have a better reading culture or senseif employed in beneficial reading programs. Just like researchers Akabuike andAsika (2012), encouragement of students to read deemed important in the lightof their findings.  

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