Anna Morgan´s sexuality is commodified from the very beginning as a chorus girl. In addition, she is rejected because she does not meet the English patterns of sexual respectability,being called “excessive”(12) or “Hottentot”(12) All chorus girls try to overcome rejection and be integrated in the sexual market. Her friend Maudie wants money for new shoes because “she was sure she could get Fred to marry her if she could smarten herself up a bit” (159) Women try to increase their exchange value  by acquiring commodities to be in the sexual market and satisfy male demand. Anna’s “becoming” English is inseparable from her initiation into the consumer and sexual economies of the metropole ( Karl  54)  Her relationship with Walter is a sexual transaction; she satisfies his sexual drives and he funds the purchasing of more commodities for her to increase her exchange value and to be more English. Karl discloses the economic working of the circulation of women:”The commodified women in the novel must generate desiring counterparts to their sexual supply as well as consume in equal measure to the demand that they attract(…)Indeed, the more male demand Anna satisfies, the more clothes she buys and the more she looks the part of a respectable, middle-class English woman”(433)Entering the English culture of sexuality and consumerism domesticates Anna and mines her colonial resistance. Anna gets pregnant and Walter cuts ties with her delegating in his cousin the process of financing her abortion, sexuality and prostitution are tolerated but a pregnancy derived is badly regarded .Unable to pay her rent, Anna turns to prostitution and her exchange value turns into use:”Prostitution amounts to usage that is exchanged. The woman body is valuable because it has already been used” ( Irigaray 186) Anna endures sexual commodification by the clients and moral shaming by her aunt.At the end, Anna enters into a spiral of hallucinations when she is being practised the abortion. She mixes fantasies from her childhood with memories from her sexual encounters. The doctor finally says:”She’ll be alright…Ready to start all over again in no time.”( 186) And Anna’s last words are about starting over. Although the ending is opened, it is clear that Anna has found a way to be free. A space in which she can negotiate her identity and embrace her sexuality and her colonial identity without shame.

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