A.1Product JDSports products:JD sportssell a wide range of sports product like trainers, football boots, shoes,shirts and other sport accessories. The screen shot provided show JD sportsadvertising what they sell on the home page this is smart because some peopledon’t like to search for products they just like to press links at the homepage and people may not know what to search for when shopping.Secondly JDsports website works so that when you go over one of the tabs it brings up allof the possible products that you can look at including shoes, trainers, sportsclothes, sports accessories and finally all of the brands that you can buy fromJD for example Adidas, Nike and Fred Perry.Thirdly,there website show the collection that you can buy and they are collections ofdifferent products it is also categorised so that you can tell what brand theyare before you click on the name of the product for example Nike collectionswould be under Nike same for Adidas etc. Finally, onthe main page (home page) of JD sports website if you scroll down you will seeall of the featured brands that are sold in the store and if you scroll downeven more you will see the “best selling/most wanted” product, this is what istrending at the moment and what they are making the most money off of.Screenshots:https://www.jdsports.

co.uk/ ITunes Products:The iTunesstore sells a range of products such as music, films and TV series in additionto this it sells gift cards and they can all be used on apple products such as iMaciPhone and iPod. This then extends the amount of people that can buy theproducts on the iTunes store. ITunes has a lot of songs on it to be specific ithas 26 million songs and over 25 billion downloads and it is available in 119countries.   Screenshots:    Similarities and differences (M1)Firstly thewebsite are both similar as well as having their own differences here are someof the similarities, firstly on the home page they both advertise theirproducts so that they can get as many people as possible to buy them if theysee a product they like on the home page. Secondly, they both have tabs thatlead to other pages on their website showing that it is organised and easy touse.

Here aresome of the differences between the two companies websites: Firstly JD sportshas the best selling products on the main page as well as trending at themoments as most people like to fit in with the trend. Secondly, the applewebsite tells the customers information about their products in a decent amountof detail whereas the JD sports website doesn’t do that.    Place:JD Sports – Delivery & trackingonline, getting the product to the customer:When orderingproducts online from JD sports it will ask you for your nearest store locationand then it will get the product from there to be delivered to you. This makesit quicker for the customer to receive their package as well as it being a goodservice making them want to order from the website again when they want to buya pair of shoes.

  At the top right ofyour screen you can select the closest store in addition to this when you haveordered your product you have the ability to track it after you have orderedit.   Screenshots: ITunes – Delivery & trackingonline, getting the product to the customer:For iTunesas they are online products only there is no wait time for delivery and it nearenough instantly transfers to your account therefore you don’t have the abilityto track the song or movie that you ordered from the iTunes store.   Screenshots:   Similaritiesand differences (M1)The similaritiesbetween JD sports and ITunes when it comes to delivery and tracking theproducts there are none the reason being for this is because ITunes downloadsinstantly on to your hardware so there is no delivery time and JD sports areactual products so they will take time to delivery and have the ability to be tracked.Thedifferences between JD sports and ITunes is that JD sports deliver theirproducts by actual transportation e.g.

lorry or van whereas ITunes deliversthere product manually. Applications (Apps):JD Sports – getting the product tothe customer:JD sportshave an application that is downloadable from the store or online and you areable to go on it at any time as long as you are connected to the internet orhave data. Screenshots: ITunes – getting the product to thecustomer:ITunes is anapplication itself and is on all of the devises that are manufactured by Applefor example IMac IPhone etc. Screenshots:   Similarities and differences (M1):The similaritiesbetween the ITunes application and the JD sports application are the following:firstly the both show all of the products that they sell and the price of themsecondly the both need to be connected to the internet to be used and you canaccess them through mobile devises. The differencesbetween the ITunes application and the JD sports application is that iTunesstore is already downloaded onto the apple products whereas you have tomanually download the JD sports app online or via the store on your mobiledevise.

Payment method:JD Sports – payment method:With JDsports you have a wide range of payment methods here are some of them: PayPal,card or pay after delivery.  Screenshots:

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