sentence in its least complex terms is made of a subject and a predicate and,
ordinarily, an object. Nevertheless, these are only the bare bones. Utilizing
clear, descriptive words such as adverbs and adjectives is like adding muscle,
skin, blood, hair and clothing on those bones. The world would be half-alive
without them, without adjectives. They add meanings and sub-meanings, they tissue
up the sentence, and they paint a vivid picture with the words. Adjectives
describe nouns and pronouns. They are not compulsory in a sentence, but they
can add important information, therefore, adjectives are important because they
provide additional descriptions of whatever it is you are describing.

every language, adjectives are vital components of a sentence, and children use
them almost since they utter their first words. The simplest way to describe
what you see, is to add some adjectives so that you can better define and
individualise that object. Using adjectives means that we can express the
quality of any person or object. Without adjectives we could not say how an
object looks like. Not only pronouns and adjectives are the words used for
description of something or somebody. In addition, when we read a paper which
is a descriptive one, adjective help us to picture the content of what we have read

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make our oral communication and writings more visual and vivid. Our interlocutors
will get a better understanding of what we wish them to imagine when they hear
or read what we want to say. A more complete description of a person, place or
event appeals to our senses; therefore, we can see, hear, touch, taste, and
even smell what someone else is describing. Also, the use of adjectives makes
our message much more fun. It sets the tone for our writing. We have to use adjectives
in our daily life. Moreover, we use adjectives because we want to express
ourselves, to individualise ideas, things, characters and real persons in a
good or bad manner. It will get our listeners’ attention and can make a good and
effective lecture or speech. Adjectives may represent a big help to succeed, a
way to make friends or enemies. Whenever I think about my way of communicating,
messages, speeches, writings or readings without using adjectives, I do not
want to listen, write or read. Therefore, except for an academic writing, I
usually am careful about that issue in my speeches, or writings.         

              Briefly, “One written word is
worth a thousand pieces of gold1”.
That is like I cannot imagine a cake without any icing adornment on it. I
cannot imagine a sentence without adjectives.

let’s start our adventure making the first step together.

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