A.C. 3.2Just verdicts are jurors that are told to reach a fair and just verdict in the eyes of society (fair) and is the trial based on judgement. Verdicts are significant as it’s a way how a criminal investigation would be decided. But on the other hand, some wouldn’t agree that cases that are in the past might’ve lacked of reliability, regardless of  evidence that were formerly found. An example of this case is the infamous OJ Simpson case. OJ Simpson’s case is just verdict but on the other hand, the jury thought it was a fair verdict. In 1995 OJ Simpson’s trial for the brutal murder of his ex-wife and her friend shocked America and lead to racial tension. This case is just verdict as it has so many factors that the validity of evidence against him isn’t reliable for example: the evidence that was collected or stored from the crime scene wasn’t kept properly which caused cross contamination, the contaminated evidence was left outside in hot sun on summer day, which means that the evidence is damage that they can’t have it as a strong evidence against him. This is one of the main reason why he wasn’t sentenced to the murder of his ex-wife and her friend making the verdict of him not being guilty. Not just that but they didn’t have photos of evidence that are taken on the scale, it shows that it wasn’t measured properly. However, there was few evidence that led police to believe OJ Simpson was the murderer such as: hair samples, socks with blood stains, pair of gloves and his relationship with his ex-wife. Hair samples were found on Goldman’s body that matched OJ Simpson, the trail of bloody shoe-prints size 12 that matches OJ’s, there was also pair of gloves that were found in OJ’s apartment that was also one found at the crime scene.Another example is there was a lot of blood samples of Nicole that were found in OJ Simpson’s car and it matched both victims. All of these solid evidence convinced white people in America and Nicole’s family that he was the murderer. Not just that but he also didn’t have a good relationship with his ex-wife as it was emphasised as violent relationship. But on the other hand, all of these evidence weren’t taken under consideration and the verdict showed that he wasn’t guilty which some people disagreed and thought that the verdict was unfair for ignoring all physical good evidence. These shows a lot of evidence towards him but as the main evidence against were mishandled and contaminated, it is harder to prove that it was all his doings. This is the reason why he was found not guilty of the murder, he was acquitted, could’ve been the unreliable evidence but on the other hand, he was found guilty of kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a dead weapon which shows that he could commit this horrendous act. This investigation had a huge media participation concerning the racial aspects, especially as some personnel’s that were involved are racist which had a big impact on the results, this issue was taken under consideration. After when the case was close, a huge crowd of were happy of the outcome. However, white people in America acted the opposite. It was believed that the verdict was unfair as the evidence that were found are somehow connected to him, which shows that he was the only person that was capable of doing it.Along with unjust and just verdicts are unsafe and safe verdicts. Safe verdict is a judgement that is reliable with strong evidence and reasons against the person that is guilty. For example: the case of Barry George. This case was a safe verdict at the beginning but at the end it turned out to be unsafe verdict. The case is about Barry George was arrested for the murder of Jill Dando. George, is serving life in prison for the April 1999 shooting of the 37 years old BBC Crime watch presenter in her house in south west London. The main point why George was found guilty is because evidence found against implied that he was a strong suspect for the murder. This lead jury to decision that verdict of George being guilty. For example: A witnessed admitted that he saw George roughly 3.5 hours before the incident. George was the sentenced after a year of his arrest to a life imprisonment. However, in the court it wasn’t announced about his history with the police. Him wanting to see Princess Diana, but on the other hand they still carried on with the verdict. This shows that the evidence that were gathered were already enough to persuade the court that he was the murder, even though the story about him taking pictures of women without their consent wasn’t released, this is illegal as this invades their privacy. Another example is: a photograph of George flourishing a modified handgun was found, it was the same as the gun that was used to kill Dando and not just that later on after his arrest, there was tiny specks of firms that were discovered in his coat pocket. Juries normally relies on evidence as it can make a huge impact on the verdict. All of these factors shows reliable evidence for his conviction for just crime. Though, after 8 years George was announced not guilty. This is bad as he was put in prison for something he didn’t do. This confirms that information that was collected propose that the case was an unsafe verdict. According to George, he said he felt that he was handled well in his trial as when they handled his situation before as innocent until proven guilty and if he was truly the person that they are after. He was also appealed for the court of appeal in regrades of the eye witness testimony because there was few errors in using such evidence, this is because the witness couldn’t separate George from an individualism parade which demonstrates the verdict was unsafe and this is due to his conviction that can be established wrong. Yet he served his 8 years in prison for something that he didn’t do, he refused compensation. He suffered from mental disorder, but this information wasn’t released in the court. If it did, the verdict would’ve been completely different. Overall, I think that theconviction was unsafe because identification that was used as the was inadmissible and have led to the proceeding being halted.People that decides the verdict are called the Jury. The criminal justice depend on them when they decide sentencing. But on the other hand, the person who decides how many years your sentence is the judge. There’s some sentencing that are too severe as well as too merciful like rape or murder, they normally get life in prison. There’s several cases that happened that cases are decreased. For example: If it’s your first time doing a crime at a young age and you’ve behaving in prison, this can decrease some people’s sentence. However, they can also increase it, for example: if someone committed several crimes, it shows that they didn’t change or when someone is being racist! Hate crime is one of the most common crime that happens every day. For example: the case of Stephen Lawrence, this case was about him getting attacked due to his skin colour. This is lawful factor, this raises awareness to a lot of sins of ethnically violent to someone.According to the assignment brief, it wasn’t said how long the person will be in prison but the judge should consider background check on all the suspects and gather every detailwithin the case, though the jury is the one who’s going to be in charge on the decisions if they believe that the person in the park was murdered. Together with Appendix 4, the suspect is sentenced in prison for life this due to Hughes who was known for attacking females in the past, not just that but one of the witness description co-ordinated the suspect. However, he was still arrested for it even though there wasn’t good evidence connected to him, this means that the sentence could possibly be seen as unjust sentence and too severe consequence. Another example is the case of Baby P was a lenient sentence as she has a main responsibility for her child’s death. She let her child abuse happened and act in the wrong way. This lead her to prison for 3 years and for the person who committed the crime was sentenced for longer time which was baby P’s stepfather. A lot of people in public thought that the case was too lenient, as the mother’s role in the baby’s life was to protect but it lead baby P to his death. A lot of people campaigned that criticised her due to this unbearable act. But on the other hand, there’s numerous of crimes that are fixed sentence for some cases like drug offences. There’ll be some disagreement on what’s seen as just and unjust sentencing. Though, the role of the jury is very significant as they are in charge on making decision as they are 12 random people who have different opinions towards the case. It is important for them to follow the rules. The main rule when you are assigned to be one of the jury is to never contact members that are involved in the case, as opinions becomes bias when they do. For example: the case of Joanne Frail who used Facebook to contact an offender, and this lead her to 8 month in prison. This is considered as offence as she didn’t followed the rules.Unjust and unsafe verdicts can cause miscarriage as the case wasn’t investigate in a professional way to avoid innocent people for being arrested. For instance: the case of Michael Crow, he was forced to confess for something he didn’t commit. The main factor of miscarriage are cross contamination of evidence. Verdict is based on unreliable evidence, misidentification why it happens a lot. For exampleof a miscarriage of justice is the case of Judith Ward. In 1972, 2 years before she was sentenced, she was accused for a crime she didn’t commit. She was wrongly convicted for bombing a coach and this lead her to 17 years in prison. This case took 2 years until she was convicted because there was so much pressure investigation, it lead to not being followed up properly. Another example is: the case of Barry George. One of the witness said that they saw George near the area of the victim few hours before the crime occurred. But on the other hand, later on they couldn’t classify George though this didn’t change the police’s decision, they were still certain that George was their main suspect. This case didn’t have a strong evidence towards him to imply that he was responsible to that crime. But on the other hand, basing on unsafe and unjust evidence he was given a severe sentence which displays that the case was a miscarriage of justice. He was in prison for 8 years then after that he was verified innocent. In the assignment brief the case was unjust as it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair as there was a suspect that was kept for 3 days which isn’t legal as this isn’t the right way to handle the procedure. The right time for this is 48 hours maximum, but if there isn’t a solid evidence towards him to be convicted for murder, this would be a reason why the verdict of him being the murderer would’ve been unjust verdict. There’s several cases that police use honey traps which is immoral and dishonourable for of deceptive practice. This is an unsafe verdict, this shouldn’t be used as evidence when establishing the jury. For example: Appendix 1, there’s one person in the jury that ignored one of the rules which was by bringing notes in the trial. Media judgement can make a huge impact on someone’s opinion. It’s very influential! He/she also showed photographs of the offender and victim. This should change the verdict into a unjust and unsafe. Media’s sources are normally not reliable, some of them change stories so that it sounds intriguing which means people shouldn’t 100% rely on them. Another unfair practice is when a witness stated that a certain suspect was acting suspicious which lead the suspect being arrested, this isn’t enough reason just to arrest someone. According to the assignment brief the sentencing wasn’t stated. The personnel’s that were involved in the case investigation, they were too keen to convict him for the murder as they were basing on the suspect’s actions towards them, it implied that he was hiding something. He had history of convictions concerning females, also him visiting the park a lot. This type of evidence could be enough evidence for the jury to get him in prison. Not just that but also offender profile matched the suspect. Being charged with murder can indicate that his sentencing should be worst! But on the other hand, there’s no physical evidence towards him which could possibly lead to miscarriage of justice if he’s not the murderer. This means he’s going to be in prison for something he didn’t commit just like the case of Collin Stagg and Barry George.   

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