National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd. ( NAFED ) was established on the auspicious twenty-four hours of Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October 1958. Nafed is registered under the Multi State Co-operative Societies Act. Nafed was setup with the object to advance Co-operative selling of Agricultural Produce to profit the husbandmans. Agricultural husbandmans are the chief members of Nafed. who have the authorization to state in the signifier of members of the General Body in the working of Nafed.

The objects of the NAFED shall be to organize. promote and develop selling. processing and storage of agricultural. horticultural and forest green goods. distribution of agricultural machinery. implements and other inputs. undertake inter-State. import and export trade. sweeping or retail as the instance may be and to move and help for proficient advice in agricultural production for the publicity and the working of its members and concerted selling. processing and supply societies in India. In promotion of these aims. the NAFED may set about one or more of the undermentioned activities:

1. to ease. co-ordinate and advance the selling and trading activities of the concerted establishments in agricultural and other trade goods. articles and goods ; 2. to set about or advance on its ain or on behalf of its member Institutions or the Government or Government Organisations. Inter-State and international trade and commercialism and undertake. wherever necessary. sale. purchase. import. export and distribution of agricultural trade goods. horticultural and forest green goods. other articles and goods from assorted beginnings for prosecuting its concern activities and to move as the bureau for canalization of export and import and interstate trade of agricultural and other trade goods or articles under any strategy formulated by the Government of India or other Government bureaus and to ease these activities. wheresoever necessary. to open branches/sub-offices and appoint agents at any topographic point within the state or abroad ; 3. to set about purchase. sale and supply of agricultural merchandises. selling and processing necessities. such as manure. seeds. fertilizer. agricultural implements and machinery. packing machinery. building requisites. treating machinery for agricultural trade goods. forest green goods. dairy. wool and other carnal merchandises ;

4. to move as warehouseman under the Warehousing Act and ain and build its ain godowns and cold storages ; 5. to move as agent of any Government bureau or concerted establishment. for the purchase. sale. storage and distribution of agricultural. horticultural. forest and carnal farming green goods. wool. agricultural necessities and other consumer goods ; 6. to move as insurance agent and to set about all such work which is incidental to the same ; 7. to organize consultancy work in assorted Fieldss for the benefit of the concerted establishments in general and for its members in peculiar ; 8. to set about industry of agricultural machinery and implements. processing. wadding. etc. and other production necessities and consumer articles by puting up fabricating units either straight or in coaction or as a joint venture with any other bureau. including import and distribution of spare-parts and constituents fiscal construction

* Achieved a turnover of Rs. 1063. 28 crore during 2011-12. * NAFED earned Gross net income of Rs. 45. 68 crore but due to immense involvement liability on outstanding loans in Tie-up concern. there is a net loss of Rs. 188. 42 crore during the twelvemonth 2011-12. * The portion capital increased from Rs. 17. 99 crore to Rs. 21. 57 crore as on 31. 3. 2012. * Membership of the Federation stood at 842 as on 31. 3. 2012. * Continued to bask the position of “star Export House” as per Cerficate of acknowledgment issued by Ministry of Commerce. Government of India. * In its commercial operations. NAFED achieved a turnover of Rs. 1051. 76 crore in domestic trading of assorted agricultural trade goods. which include PSS concern besides. * The exports by NAFED in its ain history during the twelvemonth 2011-12 were of the order of Rs. 11. 52 crore. * NAFED continued to be one of the canalizing bureaus for export of Onion. NAFED straight exported 6147 MTs of Onion to diffrent desinations valued at Rs. 11. 52 crore. In add-on. NAFED besides issued NOCs for export of 323293 MTs Onion valuing Rs. 411

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