A Friendly Enemy Essay, Research Paper

A Friendly Enemy

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& # 8220 ; Death is my wish for myself, my enemies, my kids & # 8221 ; ( Euripedes translated by Robinson Jeffers, Medea 11 ) . Medea is hungry for decease. She wants to savor it on her lips and wishes others to make the same. The value which Medea gives decease is to utilize it as a arm against her enemies. On the other manus, the adult females and the nurse fright decease. Death, to the adult females and to the nurse is something that should non be wished for. & # 8220 ; O reflecting sky, godly Earth,

Harken non to the vocal that this adult female sings & # 8221 ; ( 13 ) . One of the Greek adult females says this, for Medea is shouting out that she would wish to decease. The adult females and the nurse hear Medea wishing for decease as if it were a hoarded wealth or something valuable. The nurse and adult females are non in understanding with Medea? s position of decease. To them, decease would be something that lurks around anything and anyplace waiting to strike. & # 8220 ; He strikes from the clear sky like a hawk, he hides behind green foliages, or he waits around the corner of a wall & # 8221 ; ( 12 ) . To a Grecian adult female decease is personified as a huntsman or slayer. She uses an animate being, the hawk, to compare to decease. A hawk is a fleet marauder that attacks unnoticed, but to Medea decease is a trophy. For Medea decease has a value of importance. A friendly relationship has been established. Death is Medea? s friend. She uses it as a arm to acquire what she views as justness. & # 8220 ; Then

if you have a dog eyed enemy and needed absolute vengeance . . . Unchild him, ha? And then unlife him”(23). Medea believed with great depth to get vengeance upon Jason. She wanted to go through with her vengeance and hurt Jason as Jason hurt her. Jason left Medea for another woman thus leaving her miserable and craving for revenge. Thus, she went on taking the life of his bride-to-be and the life of their children. She also wanted to wash herself from the impurities of Jason?s touch. “Ah, rotten, rotten, rotten: death is the only water to wash this dirt” (12). This is a metaphor for she compares death to a water, which is a symbol of pureness, to cleanse herself. The nurse and women have almost pleaded to Medea not to even think about death, but because of her resentment and hate towards Jason she is deaf to the women?s advice.The importance given to death by Medea is rejected by the women. Death would only make things worse in the women?s eyes. To Medea everything will be put in place and “justice” would be served. The feelings towards death among the women and Medea personified death. Death was an enemy to the women, yet a “friend” to Medea. Death was valued as a weapon of revenge by Medea and viewed as a weapon of destruction to the women. Life is more precious to the women but Medea does not think of life as precious. She is being selfish only thinking about her friend death to reach her goal; revenge.

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