Understanding the core concepts
of the different financial markets such as foreign exchange, fixed income,
multi-asset trading, equities and commodities markets such as oil and gold.Ø 
Gaining ability to
understand the diverse ways of analysis (Fundamental, Technical).Ø 
Understanding the essential
skills to becoming a successful Trader.Ø 
Explore Trading styles, Trading
strategies, risk management technics, economic macro views and technical
To gain knowledge regarding
the affect of the governmental policies on the economy. During the nine weeks program, I have been enabled to act
like a true trader working and dealing in a typical market space. This program
had yielded many positive outcomes to me. I have concurred many of the
predetermined goals I have set to myself upon the start of the program. The program had aided me in developing the perfect and the
full understanding of the markets and their concepts. For instant, I never knew
before these six weeks what does the word equities in the name Equities Market
refer to. Now, I am fully aware that equities are the stocks of ownerships in
companies. I also reached the goal of knowing the difference between the ways
of analysis. Today, I can call myself a master Fundamental and Technical Analyzer.Investing money into unpredictable, unstable, and
uncontrollable trades strategies can be extremely risky.  Many people have lost vast amounts of money
through poor investment decisions that they’ve made. Investors must understand
and accept this risk as an intrinsic part of investing. For me the biggest
mistake that I did without counting the risk, I kept my stop loss far thinking
that its make me smarter than the market which costed me losing more. This
experiment made me realize my mistakes and it made me stronger to accept my
losses and move on for the next day to start fresh and challenge more.However, there are attractive benefits to successful
financial investments.  With intelligent
decisions, investing can yield significant capital gains, stability, and
security.  By analyzing the trends of the
market, and by following an investment strategy, one can be successful in the investment
market.  I always tried to first apply fundamental
analysis and track the latest data appearing and then apply technical analysis,
together I can prepare my strategy and can start my trade.  On Mondays the markets are quiet as it is the
begging of the week so it’s the best decision to make less trades and follow
the market trend to apply technical analysis.At last, I conclude that the primary goal of this is not
just making positive PNL or more gain, but the goal is achieving better
understanding of the personal investment opportunity, which I have mastered
myself in these six weeks.     B.Learning Outcomes:1.Fundamental Analysis Vs. Technical
Analysis:Financial market analysis can be divided into the two broad
categories of ‘Fundamental Analysis’ and ‘Technical Analysis’.Technical Analysis:This type of analysis is most used to predict short term
trend and when there were no upcoming Data’s, by looking in the charts and
identify support & resistance area and by looking in previous prices and
volume. I found that this program “CQG FX” was user-friendly as the Candle
chart that was used in it had easy tools to apply, for example (Trend, pivot
point, RSI, etc.) that allowed us to test the chart and also test the trend which
showed if the market trend is going down or up and then being able to trade on
the chart’s appearance whether it will be short to sell or long to buy. This is
usually used by traders. Fundamental Analysis:This type of analysis is used to predict long term trend and
its mostly logical because it study everything from overall economy and
industry conditions to financial condition. When Data is released, information like
reports and events news, etc. can be found from many websites like tradingeconomics/calendar,
Bloomberg, Twitter and Tradinglive, in accordance to this analysis we try and
forecast how assets can achieve in future, then trading can be done.Moreover, external use does not get affected based on this
type of analysis. This is usually used mostly for a long term investor.v 
Summarized comparison
between technical and fundamental analysis: –

Technical analysis

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Fundamental analysis

Analyzing using charts,
Focus on charts patterns,
setups and price movements
Most useful to predict
short term trend
External news can take on
technical analysis

Analyzing using news
stories, earnings, economics events
Focus on the makeup and
structure of the market
Most useful to predict
long term trend
Fundamental don’t change,
based on external news

 There cannot be a perfect way of trading. It all depends on
the individual’s comfort level in using the technical analysis tools, or
analyzing the fundamentals to take positions.   2.Examples: 

 Fundamental Example:

The currency exchange Euro-to-Dollar
pair has been under pressure in recent days from rising US bond yields. At
Thursday 30th November 2017 the stress continues to build up in
European credit markets Euro. ECB policymakers broadly agreed to cut the
current asset purchase scheme to €30 billion at the start of 2018, Eurozone employment
rate was expected to remain unchanged, but it appeared to be lower than expected
8.8% which was negative data for Euro, and lower inflation data 1.5% which fell
down.          Technical



 When judging entry and exit investment, in the
beginning we choose a market to enter with different timeframe charts using
support or resistance levels which is important to choose whether to buy or
sell. A chart based on a price interval period that aligns with your trading
strategy and timeframe. I chose GBP/USD Market and I applied the test, the
candlestick chart is used. So, using different frame time charts and a clear
direction of the price trend, it showed the market is up trend and it seems it
will go up and move above resistance-1 line and RSI test showing that also the
market will go high. 3.The
conclusion:After testing the markets in 30Nov and applied fundamental
analysis and technical analysis, I found that from a
technical perspective, first check whether the stock has an upward trend or
downward trend. If the trend is upward, then take a long position. If the trend
is downward, then take a short position.  There is evidence showed the market up trend
and break out resistance line and from a fundamental EU leader are preparing to
offer a two-year Brexit transition deal as early as January after negotiators
said that they were close to a breakthrough over the Northern Ireland border. So,
there has been some considerable progress in the Brexit talks, if reports are
to be believed, and it is likely that a deal might be announced in a week or
two. So, from a situation where it was said that the UK might walk out of the
talks with no deal perspective showed that the. Furthermore, there was no Significant
US data, the US market show a weakness which according to my knowledge of the
inverse relationship between them which made me relive to trade in currency
specially in the cable market.  From market behave, my strategy at GBP/USD currency was to
trade and to go long (to buy). I bought 4 shares of GBPUSD @ price 1.34662 and
my stop was @price 1.34500 and then booked profit, my targets sold two @ price
1.34719 and waited for my final target sold two @ price 1.34807 and end up with
profit 40.30 pound.  4.The Correlation:The asset correlation
is statistical measurement of the relationship between two or more financial
instruments and it is divided into two correlation types, it could be highly
positive correlation meaning that they move positive in the same direction or
it could be negatively correlation which means the relation of two instruments
move in opposites direction. One of the examples I will explain is about negative
correlation is USD and Gold, they move opposite direction.  In average economic downturn, investors may
lose their appetite to invest for risky assets such as equities or bonds. They
may sell their risky asset and some dollars and exchange it to a foreign
currency in order to purchase gold. Therefore, the demand for US Dollar
declines and whereas the demand for Gold rises. A
falling of dollar will cause also an increase the value of other countries’
currencies. In case economic outlook is good, investors will likely to invest
in US equity market to get higher returns which make the demand for US Dollar
increase and if no one desired to invest in gold its price would fall which
will make for the Gold demand falls. Market correlating can sometimes break down in unnormal
market conditions. For example, in economic downturn investors will be more
likely to save invest in gold and capital will flow away from US Dollar.
However, in economic crisis in some other country or region this pattern could
break down because US Dollar is considered as safe haven as well as the gold.
Some investors may buy US Dollar while the other investors will have preferred
to buy a Gold since is the one currency that simply cannot be printed and
therefore it has displayed an impressive ability to maintain its purchasing
power over time.  All currencies have
lost meaningful value compared to gold over extended periods. Therefore, in the
end the Gold and US Dollar they could be both positive and move the same
direction in these situations.     5. Situation where you experienced a scenario
where a financial market did not behave in accordance to traditional market
theory:One of the awkward trading did happened to me since I trade,
markets were very quiet but there was a fundamental (news will released) US
data and it was about US consumer has settled below
expectations  which mean that  weakens for US dollar, so my strategy was to
trade in commodity market and I entered the gold market and choose long
position which according to my study it having inverse relationship with US
currency, so I enter it and put the target and stop loss but unfortunately
something unnormal did happened to the gold market. The gold went down instead
of coming up as I expected and made me loss the trade. Then I conclude that
from the news There was a huge gold drop $10, which was a sudden shock to all
investors, the reason of which was a huge contract deals being conducted within
a brief period of ten minutes which triggered a sell-off. This is the most
probably caused by a single entity having a strong position to influence the
market. In the end what I think that, sometimes the market doesn’t act
as you think and doesn’t hold this much, human behavior can easily affect the
market   people’s choice of goals, the actions they
take to achieve these goals, and the limitations and influences that affect
their choices and actions. The trade not always work as you want it just few
hours maybe even second what you put for targets, then the market patriates you
and all dreams of having profits and gain money will change the theory because of
back the pattern and cause of the numbers of sellers and buyers and the numbers
of shares that involve in the market that have strong affect the market and
many factors like unexpected speech could reverse the strategy you but.  6.Example of
a behavioral challenge:Overall, during my 6-weeks of trades, some of them ended the
day with positive PNL and other days ended with negative. My most successful
trading investments I made it were in my first week
with owning a real account I made a positive PNL. I did a fantastic job in
currency exchange market in EUR/USD and other markets because I didn’t trade
against the trend and I tried always to follow up the data’s. The second week
was not much a wonderful experience, on the begging of the week on Monday I start
my trade and unfortunately, I traded against the trend which I made a loss.
what I did, was according to my feelings nor applying the analysis test, after
this loss I start to be sad and I cannot to be focus. I just think about what I
loss and how to maximum my profits, but this thing just kept me to loss more
and more. And what I did in the end of the week telling myself I want to gain,
so I got a new idea that maybe if I but my stop loss far from my targets I will
gain, and I will be happy and more satisfy, but this was not clever idea it let
even to loss more and faster, the loses happened in a second in front me. Those
loss made me to be worry and I become afraid to trades even. I’m a person I hate to be loss. I take a rest and commend
down and didn’t think about the loss anymore. I start to learn, by watching my
mistakes and put notes what is my mistakes. I learn that trading is not easy
thing, and it can be affected by any outside factors and people can loss
easily. What most important thing in your psychology you must learn how to
control your trades, how to apply Trading strategies which are based on both
fundamental and technical analysis, how could learn from your mistakes and
developed yourself.  The key is to take
it easy, trading is not consider only to be a winner it’s not just about making
a big profits it’s  about how to equip
yourself to become a good trader in future.  7.Kolb’s
learning cycle:Kolb’s learning cycle. David Kolb published his learning
styles model in 1984 from which he developed his learning style inventory.
Kolb’s experiential learning theory works on two levels: a four stage cycle of
learning and four separate learning styles. 
Much of Kolb’s theory is concerned with the learner’s internal cognitive
processes. Kolb states that learning involves the acquisition of abstract
concepts that can be applied ?exibly in a range of situations.  In Kolb’s theory, the impetus for the development
of new concepts is provided by new experiences. “Learning is the process
whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (Kolb,
1984, p. 38).considered self-led because the learner is completely
responsible for the learning outcome. This learning can happen accidentally or
because of the learner having a specific learning goal.According to kolb’s learning cycle, examine recent
developments in theory and research on experiential learning and explore how
this work can enhance experiential learning in higher trading. First step is to
take an action. How to take an action is not only by watching or reading, first
thing is to do analyzing for the markets I choose whether in currency or
commodity etc.., applying a fundamental analysis and technical analysis and putting
the target and stop loss point, then start to take an action (make the trade
whether long or short) according to my previous analysis and see what will
happen.  After taking the action, the
next step is take a reaction by watching market strategy how is it work, what
work what didn’t work, discover the strategy. The third step is what I
concluded in this trade, makes comparisons between what I have done, reflect upon and what I already done. Finally,
after all what’s done this, the three stages, so how I used the learning, this
valuable learning experiment I learn from my every trade, in lose I must never
give up and be sad and unconfident, in case of getting profit is to be happy
and proud of myself. Trading is never easy, what matter is how to be in future
a good trader and making wealth in future, through a few mistakes and some
experimentation I was able to define successful trades and make me more realize
about the market and think more and equip my self to be smart trader. I have found that by continuously
executing the same and following the prescribed trading steps, by default, I
have developed a great learning outcome. The process of doing and repeating
after evaluating the outcomes is a great factor that drive your learning curve
upwards really fast.I will always remember that my learning curve can be
positively influenced by repeating and repeating the process all over again
while enhancing it whenever a downfall is noticed.  



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