A deal breaker for me means the male in the relationship having certain traits that are annoying and unappealing to me. But I also to me it’s really hard for me to find a deal-breaker in a guy that I actually like. Some “deal-breakers” could be an unhealthy lifestyle, ugly personality, bad personal hygiene, won’t pick up after themselves, cheating on people whether it be you or someone prior to you, and verbal or physical abuse. A person who has an unhealthy lifestyle is just a toxic person and someone you would just not want to be with or around.  A significant other with an unhealthy lifestyle is bound to have an unhealthy relationship. Also, someone who has bad personality traits is just someone who you would not want to introduce to your parents. Personality in a relationship is very important. Personally, when you are looking for someone to be potentially your significant other you have to find certain traits that you like about them. For example, I look for a guy who is funny, smart, kind with others, charismatic, and someone who can uphold their end of a conversation. A huge “deal-breaker” for me is someone who can’t hold a conversation because people who are dry and don’t really last in a relationship. Communication is key in a relationship.  Another “deal-breaker” is bad personal hygiene mostly because someone who just does not smell good and does not look their best they can be is a huge “deal-breaker”.  But, someone who doesn’t pick after themselves is another “deal-breaker” because it just indicates how lazy that man is and how he expects the women in the relationship to do everything for them, which nowadays is just not the case. A man should be taught by their mother earlier in their life to clean after themselves. To me, someone (a man) who doesn’t clean after themselves indicates to me that they are a momma’s boy and their mom just cleans after them. Cheating on people or your significant other cheating on people prior to you is just a big no. I mean yeah sure, your boyfriend left another girl for you or cheated on another girl to be with you; but what makes you think he won’t do the same to you. You just never know and either way going for another girls man is horrible. I believe that someone can change but once a cheater always a cheater in my personal opinion. Also verbal or physical abuse is just a no in a relationship because if someone is in “love” with you then they, would have no need for abusing you. On top of that, someone who is in “love” with another person should have the utmost respect for their significant other. But, when there is abuse that indicates that their relationship is toxic and bad. Even though some “deal-breakers” are intolerable if you truly like/love the person you can see past all those little things and be with the person. But, if they are extremely bad then you have to make a choice to stay and deal with it or leave the relationship.

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