A brave soldier, messenger, and spy a strong man with a horse a hero as a silversmith Paul Revere. In this essay you will learn about Paul’s young bell ringer life, older heroic life and never retired old man that worked to his death. Paul was a smart kid he did many things when he was young.

Paul when he was around 9-10 he was a bell boy he made a contract that made sure that work was equal to how much they worked. He was a good man at what he did. Paul learned to be a silversmith by his dad. Early on he learned to make bowels plates. Through all of Paul’s childhood Paul had a happy childhood  with friends and a lot of horse rides.

A lot will go on in his middle life like spy messenger type stuff. Paul was the main messenger for the sons of liberty he became one for his good hours rides.Beside all of Paul’s great rides he was a great silversmith. The Midnight Ride was one the most important of Paul’s life. Paul learned to ride a horse when he was just a child. How the Midnight ride started was by how Paul was in charge of watching a certain group of soldiers to make sure they did not go after the cache.

Paul was a man of many secret groups. When the British learned about the cashe, the soldiers set on foot. Paul made it to Lexington and warned the militia, and then got caught.

Paul went to prison twice and got caught many times after going to prison. Since Paul got caught William warned Lexington to move the cache. The great thing about Paul’s Midnight ride, was the militia was ready for the British.

Paul’s end and afterlife has some pretty cool stuff. Paul gave his silver shop to his son, and started a copper mill. His mill has made copper for the Massachusetts state house and the New York Hall. Paul eventually died May 10, 1818. He was not famous until a poem was made after him called the Midnight Ride.

Through all of Paul’s end life, he lived a very happy one. In conclusion, Paul left this Earth as a man with a copper mill and a hero, who warned the militia and Lexington. Paul Young was a man who was smart, strong, a little older, and he is known as a hero who saved Lexington.

He is known as a man who went down as a businessman.    

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