A malocclusion is a misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches when they approach each other as the jaws come together. Extra teeth or abnormally shaped or sized teeth have been cited as causes of malocclusion. A small undeveloped jaw, caused by lack of mastication during childhood, can cause tooth overcrowding. To establish appropriate alignment and occlusion, the sizes of upper and lower teeth in general , need to be proportional. It can also be acquired, from habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, premature loss of teeth from an accident or dental disease, or medical conditions such as enlarged tonsils and adenoids that lead to mouth breathing.Malocclusion may not have indications  or can cause pain from increased pressure on the teeth or jaw. It can be found  during a routine dental checkup.Malocclusion is usually treated by an orthodontist who is a specialist in correcting such problems. Braces are the most commonly used remedy for malocclusions specially among adolescents. If teeth overcrowding has created malocclusion, one or more teeth will be surgically removed. An overbite is one type of malocclusion. The term “overbite” is also known  as  “overjet,” which is actual a technical term. Aim:- To estimate the Knowledge and Awareness on status of Malocclusion among adolescents in urban area. Objective:- To determine the knowledge and Awareness on status of malocclusion among adolescents. Materials and Methods:-A questionnaire was prepared. The survey was conducted among the adolescents in urban area. This survey was done with the consent of parents and questions were asked. 75 responses were collected. The questionnaire consists of 16 Questions.Results and Discussion:-Although many studies have been published that describe the prevalence and types of malocclusion, it is difficult to compare and contrast these findings; in part, because of the varying methods and indices used to assess and record occlusal relationships, age differences of the study populations, examiner subjectivity, specific objectives, and differing sample sizes.The table below shows the questions, responses for the questions, number of people for each response, and the percentage of people for each response for each question.   QUESTIONS        RESPONSE       NUMBER    PERCENTAGE             (%)        1) Gender Male Female 3242 43.2%56.8%2) Age group 10-1112-1414-1718 7171833 9.3%22.7%24%44%3)Are you satisfied with the appearance of your teeth? YesNo 3935 52.7%47.3%4)Are you satisfied with the arrangement of your teeth? Yes No 4726 64.4%35.6%5)Do you have spaces between your teeth? Yes No 3540 46.7%53.3%6)Do you have crowded teeth? YesNo 3341 44.6%55.4%7)Are you confident about your smile? YesNo 4431 58.7%41.3%8)Do you think criss cross teeth affects your social standing? Yes No 3540 46.7%53.3%9)Are you finding it difficult to maintain oral hygiene due to Malocclusion? Yes No 3837 50.7%49.3%10)Are you finding pain in the Retromandibular joints? Yes No 2747 36.5%63.5%11)Are you aware of Malocclusion? Yes No 5519 74.3%25.7%12)Have you ever been bullied due to Malocclusion? Yes No 3045 40%60%13)Do you know the ill effects on oral Health caused due to Malocclusion ? Yes No 4430 59.5%40.5%14)These are ill effects caused due to Malocclusion. Select the one you have heard or experienced? a)Difficulty while chewing b) pain in the jaw c)Improper alignment of teethd)Bitting of inner cheek or tongue e)speech problems 3323271214 30.4%21.1%24.8%11%12.8%15)After knowing the ill effects of Malocclusion, will you go and correct it? YesNo 5123 68.9%31.1%16)If you have Malocclusion, will you be able to afford getting it corrected? YesNo 5321 71.6%28.4%A total of 75 people responded for the online survey. The adolescents who responded were in the age group of 11 to 18 years. Malocclusions are mostly seen in adolescents. It is not only misalignment of teeth but also includes crowding of teeth, and spaces between their teeth. Nowadays most of them maintain oral hygiene and they take time out to do so. As this is becoming more aware among people most of them are going through the orthodontic procedures which help correct their teeth. 47 people (64.4%) are satisfied with the arrangement of teeth.ARRANGEMENT OF TEETH                           APPEARANCE OF TEETHMalocclusion also takes place due to crowding and spacing of teeth. A space or gap between two teeth is known as diastema. It appears most often between the two upper front teeth. However, gaps can occur between any two teeth. A mismatch between the size of the jaw bones and the size of the teeth can cause either extra space between teeth or crowding of teeth. Whereas crowding of teeth is due to the lack of space for all the teeth to fit normally within the jaws. The teeth may be rotated or displaced. It can be caused by early or late loss of primary teeth, improper eruption of teeth or a genetic imbalance between jaw and tooth size. About 33 adolescents that is 44.6%  have crowded teeth and about 35 adolescents that is 46.7% have spaces between their teeth. About 50% of the people find it difficult to maintain oral hygiene due to Malocclusion. Whenever there is over crowding in your teeth, it becomes difficult to brush your teeth and maintenance becomes a very big problem. 44 adolescents (59.5%) are already aware of the ill effects caused due to Malocclusion.                        ILL EFFECTS CAUSED DUE TO MALOCCLUSION They were asked to select the ill effects which they have heard or experienced from the list the ill effects given below:Difficulty while chewing, pain in the jaw, improper alignment of teeth, frequent bitting of inner cheek and tongue and speech problems. Out the responses, difficulty in chewing was the most common effect of Malocclusion, then comes improper alignment of teeth and then pain in the jaw.Key words:- Malocclusion, alignment, crowding, space between teeth, ill effects.Conclusion:- It can be concluded that this survey study alone is not necessarily a suitable predictor to tell if the adolescents are facing this problem. Most of them are aware of Malocclusion but not the ill effects. And almost all of them are going through orthodontic treatments nowadays that they pay more attention towards oral health and hygiene. 

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