A virtual LAN (Local Area Network) is a logical representation of a network that can combine a group of devices from various collection of devices said by Mitchell (2017). VLANs are mainly help to create broadcast on one switch to communicate with other end devices frequently. There can be more than one VLAN in a network and this can be done with the help of a router.VLANs provide a number of advantages, such as security, performance or bandwidth, broadcasting or traffic flow, higher performance and gives more design freedom.VLANs enable logical grouping of end-stations that are physically dispersed on a network. Its not necessary to configure the end stations when they move to a physical location Kowthamen (2017) stated. Similarly, if users change their job tasks it is not necessary for them to physically move. By trapping the broadcast domains and end-stations on a VLAN are prevented from listening to or receiving broadcasts that is not meant for them. For Ethernet networks VLAN tagging proceed in the IEEE 802.1Q industry standard.This takes 32 bits of data in the Ethernet frame header.• Native LAN: Native VLAN is a dot1Q concept that was created for backward compatibility with old devices that don’t support VLANs Wael Osama(2008) stated. All the untagged packets transmitted through native VLAN.• Management VLAN: It accesses the management capability of the switch. The advantage of using a management VLAN is that it benefits the network security.VLANs enable the following features to be implemented in your network:• Broadcast control:Switches separate collision domains and only send its respective traffic out of it particular switch port;  • Security:This can help in security wise by grouping the high security users into one VLAN by this there won be any communication from outside the VLAN.• Network management:The virtual representation of these networks helps for easier management of the network. Pulling cables from one end to another in order to move to another building or floor is not needed when moving from one network to another.

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