A Memorable Day in my life A memorable day is something which is unforgettable, a sweet and a pleasurable thing to remember, to cherish for. Memories of the day when I got my B.

Deed results flashed on my eyes. Amidst the huge tension, I went to check my final result in college. I could not have my proper lunch as there was a fear factor that was ruling my mind. My mind was filled with a strange stage of anxiety and expectation. I was at my blue attire, a blue churchyard with a white duplicate , which I consider lucky on rare occasions.

The sand of time is passing on, filling each moment with more tension.It was making me more and more restless. It was around 3 P.

M that the results were unveiled amidst the huge crisis of other candidates. And now finally!!! Got it!! Yes! I got a first class amongst top ten in the list! My Joy knew no bounds! I could hardly imagine at that point that I could come out with such flying colors. My teachers who have guided me throughout were present at the moment and they embraced me out of Joy and blessed me as well. My heart was throbbing out of excitement. I returned home with a smug glow in my face, and my heart pounding with excitement of reeking out the news to my family.I got a few calls from home on the way but did not pick them. Yes, let me keep them into a little more suspense.

And then, a little more! Finally I reached home and no sooner I was surrounded by everyone in my family, puzzled and anxious. Instead of revealing anything I went to thank my God for rewarding me with this success and making me the winner amongst all. After that, I went to mother, touched her feet and took her blessings, and then finally pursued out with the breaking news of the day! Yes I did it mom! I have scored well and secured he first position.I am sure you are happy. My mother embraced me out of Joy as she was close to tears. I have never seen my mom so happy. She did not utter a single word but straightaway went to out temple house to pay homage to our family Lord Shari Ramekins Parmesan.

And now it was the turn of my brother and sister to jump on me, pat me and congratulate. We had a grand celebration and a gala party that time. My brother got sweets, kebab and barbarian and a special cake made for me. I was surprised that he planned all that for me! My Joys knew no bounce!I received jack to back calls from my fellow friends who were the participants alongside, we exchanged our result info. Some friends congratulated me on my success. I felt sorry for some of my friends who could not do well, but also wished them good luck. In the evening, some of our relatives visited us and congratulated me on my success.

My mother welcomed them and thanked them cordially for the kind visit. My whole day was so cheerful and full of surprises and fun. It was indeed, the happiest day of my life as I can determine my career move taking this result as the next step ahead. A Memorable Day in My Life By shabbiness

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