In the short narrative A Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin. we see a great illustration of pragmatism in the day-to-day life of an mean adult female after the civil war. Mrs. Sommers lived her early life with a nice sum of luxury. but after acquiring married and holding several childs. she has become rather cautious with her money. She is known to do her careful computations and dicker her manner to a better monetary value. This can be considered boding for the experience to come. as Mrs. Sommers loses herself to the greed and desire to hold a life filled with luxury and pleasance one time once more.

Due to her fiscal standing. Mrs. Sommers is really economical and decidedly knows the value of bargaining. She is besides known for her unselfishness towards her kids They’re on the top of her precedence list. and wants to give them the really best. Just like any normal female parent during that clip period. When destiny decides to put the 15 dollars in forepart of the lovingness ma. she instantly decides to pass it on her beloved kids. She lays awake during the dark and comes up with a specific program for what she would utilize the money for ; with everyone deriving from it. What a clever program! This far into the narrative. it’s really realistic and plausible for a female parent to be this lovingness and loving towards her household. particularly during this clip period.

The following twenty-four hours nevertheless. she makes a couple errors even before she starts shopping. First. she is “faint and tired” . Two things result from this. First. she sits down on a stool. ensuing in her manus brushing against the silk stockings. Second. because of her weariness. she is more likely to non hold the energy to believe decently or have the common sense to deal like she normally does. Her 2nd error was to travel shopping on an empty tummy. This will come back to stalk her later. and assistance in her frivolous disbursement.

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As Mrs. Sommers sits down on the stool and coppices against the silk stockings. she gives in to their “siren call” . and interrupt down and purchases them. But it gets worse. she so goes to the shoe section and tried to happen some matching places for her freshly found stockings. She buys a really fashionable brace of boots. but they excessively cost a little more than your standard pes covering. She so continues to purchase a brace of baseball mitts and a couple magazines ; finishing her dislocation of personal duty and ego control in the vesture section. She so continues on to a cunning small eating house. and continues to fling at that place. because of class. she hadn’t eaten before go forthing place. She so gets in a overseas telegram auto. and caputs for place. wishing that it would go on on forever. ne’er taking a halt.

This whole brush is a realistic position on how those who are non used to holding wealths. or those who used to hold wealths. and wish to return to their old life. are disposed to go irresponsible with the money to which they have been blessed. It can surely be easy to lose oneself to the secular pleasances. particularly if they aren’t believing clearly due to tire or hunger. Particularly during this clip period. the people lived really frugally. since they didn’t have a high income. and this could be really crunching on those who are used to populating in high luxury. It’s so of import to retrieve that with great wealth comes great duty. And this is really evident in A Pair of Silk Stockings.

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