Shirdi is a little town located in the Ahmednagar territory in the western Indian province of Maharashta and is a spiritual finish of cosmopolitan appeal – Shirdi is possibly one of those august finishs that attracts devouts across all faiths.


Unlike other holy metropoliss in India that can follow their beginnings to 1000s of old ages back, some metropoliss were known topographic points of spiritual importance every bit early as the pre Christian epoch, Shirdi ‘s rise to fear and as a spiritual finish is rather recent.

Shirdi has been home to Shri Sai Baba, one of India ‘s most august saints. It is believed that Shri Sai Baba lived and gained religious waking up in Shirdi. Some fans believe that he was an embodiment of Lord Shiva or Lord Dattatreya. His instructions combined the spiritual instructions of Hinduism and Islam and 1000s of devouts converge on Shirdi each twelvemonth to seek his approvals.


The Sai Baba Temple: The Sai Baba temple is the chief attractive force in Shirdi and is thronged by 1000s of fans each twelvemonth, irrespective of faith, caste and credo. The temple, built to mark Sai Baba, is built at the topographic point where Sai Baba is said to hold taken his Samadhi.

The temple is professionally managed by the Shri Sai Baba Sansthan and fans can offer puja services throughout the twenty-four hours and can besides see the aarti ritual which happens five times every twenty-four hours. The most calming and spiritually rousing ritual is the ‘Kakad Aarti ‘ that happens every forenoon with the gap of the temple. The penultimate aarti rite is called the ‘Shej Aarti ‘ and signals the terminal of the twenty-four hours. The temple remains unfastened overnight merely on Gurupoornima, Dassera and Ramnavami.

The temple besides has a monolithic hall that cam accommodate around 600 visitants. Within the mandir one can besides happen a personal museum of Sai Baba that showcases the things that Sai Baba used in his life-time.

Samadhi Mandir: This is another, smaller shrine that marks the exact topographic point of Sai Baba ‘s Samadhi that is built with while marble. The Samadhi is enclosed with decorated marble railings and is watched over by a statue of Sai Baba carved from white Italian marble.

Dwarkamai: History records that Sai Baba left Shirdi for some old ages but finally returned to Shirdi with a matrimony emanation and stayed at Dwarkamai, a mosque situated on the right of the entryway to the Samadhi mandir. The chief attractive force of Dwarkamai is the oil picture of Sai Baba sitting in a carven wooden shrine.

How to Reach

Shirdi is good connected by rail and route to the remainder of India. The nearest airdrome is at Nasik, 75 kilometer off. Shirdi is besides slated to hold its ain airdrome by 2012. Shirdi besides has a rail station and is connected by rail to other metropoliss in India. A dedicated train service is available from Mumbai. Shirdi, given its spiritual importance, is besides good connected by route with the other metropoliss in India.

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