One way I planned my work was to prioritise my work. I got lots of work that I needed to complete and I needed to priorities my work in order for it to be completed within the deadlines I was given. Therefore, I had a diary where I recorded all of the tasks that I needed to complete and I put them in order for the time they needed to complete by. I also made sure I didn’t take on any other work from my team as my main priority was my own work.

Another way I planned my work was to negotiate realistic targets and setting timescales with my line manager. My manager would give me a list of tasks complete and it was important we agreed on a fair deadline. Agreeing to a deadline would mean that I would be able to complete the work in the timeframe and also be happy and less pressured than I would with a small deadline.

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Furthermore, I had to be flexible with the work I was given. I had to take the responsibility of when I would complete my work. I had to decide what work I would do at what time and stay beyond my hours to ensure I could complete the tasks that I needed to do within the time I had.

There are different tools I used to ensure I planned my time well in order to complete the work. Firstly, I had an action plan. I sat down with my manager we decided what the best way to is more forward and improve and find strategies in order to complete it. In addition, I had schedules. On my schedules I had the task I needed to complete and the date I needed to complete it by and worked with the schedule to ensure everything was completed on time. Another way to schedule my work is to make use of in tray and out trays to plan my work. All the work I completed would be put in the out tray and all the work I needed to complete is in the in tray; I could then see what work still needed to be completed.

In order to plan I had many resources to help. To plan my work I used Outlook to write down all my tasks and the date I needed to complete it by. Outlook was very useful as it gave me reminders when a deadline was coming up. I also made use of a diary and checklist to ensure I was well planned and able to complete my work.

Moreover, I needed to take own responsibility for my work. I had to take responsibility to make sure to make sure the work is completed on time. For instance, I had to make sure I was being responsible and not getting distracted on my phone or having too many breaks. I also took responsibility by staying after work to make sure a task was complete for the next day.

I also had to be really efficient with my time. In order to plan my work I had be able to plan my time and be able to manage my time effectively. To do this I set a plan of what tasks I was going to do within what time and gave myself targets to finish a task before a certain time.

Meeting deadlines is very important in the workplace and I had to plan very well in order to meet deadlines that were set for me. It’s important because the work adds value to the team and company and if you haven’t completed it then it has no use. In particular it’s important to meet deadlines because one task many be targeted to a specific time (presentation in a meeting) and if you don’t complete it by the deadline it make not be useful after.

Whilst at BP I faced many problems that I had to deal with effectively in order for it to not affect my work greatly. I faced interruptions such as technology not working. Therefore, I had to find a solution to try and fix the technical issues and if I couldn’t I would try and complete anything by hand in a notebook or try get other work that wasn’t affected and change my scheduled plan accordingly. Another problem that I faced was having the inability to meet deadlines. Sometimes I knew that a task wouldn’t be finished by the deadline. Therefore, I needed to speak to my manager in advice, explain the issue and ask for an extension so I could complete it on time.

Lastly, I had to work under pressure at times on my internship. At times deadlines would be close and I needed to work hard to make sure I completed it. The work was also going to add value to a team and therefore needed to be a very high standard in order to be useful which made me feel under pressured. In order to not let the pressure affect me I had to plan and use my time efficiently so I could complete the work well.

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