A stunninglandscape on warm days and cool evenings, excellent wines and fine food easilymake Mudgee wineries as your newest travel destination.  But how doyou choose the best place to visit from among 60 wineries and cellar doors inMudgee, NSW as shown in the latest Mudgee wineries map?  Yes, you gotit right. The winery with the unique quality of wine produced in its vineyardis your best choice. Logan Wines, both a boutique winery and an award-winningcellar door, is definitely your best choice. It lends modern ambiance as youtaste the full range of Logan wines or sample a platter of locally made cheesefollowed by homemade cake and excellent coffee. Those whohave experienced its unrivaled charm cannot help but blurt out that Logan’sVineyard and Tasting Room as “the most beautiful winery” in Mudgee. It islocated 15 km from Mudgee along the Castlereagh Highway, and it is just some 9minutes away from Stay in Mudgee.

   Perched onthe side of a hill overlooking the family-owned vineyard that blends well withthe surrounding mountains, Logan’s Tasting Room is a scene-stealer. Itseye-catching architecture bright interior and comfortable lounges add fun toyour wine-tasting holiday.  Now, whatelse does Logan Wines offer more to its guests than meets the eye? Logan’s winemaking secret PeterLogan’s love for the rich character of fruity Australian wines and the balancedstructure of Old World wines led him to produce wines that combine fresh Australia’sfruit flavors and Europe’s balance and finesse.  Logan winesare produced from grapes grown in Mudgee and Orange regions. These wines arenaturally fermented and, where appropriate, gently barrel-aged to underline theexpression of the origin in the finished wine. Mudgee region’s temperateclimate and well-drained soil help grape-growers to produce wines withintensity and flavor that appeal to your palate. On the other hand, Orangeregion’s altitude and rich volcanic soil, with its sunny and dry days thanks tothe desert region in the inland west, complete the natural setting forAustralia’s world-famous Logan wines. Logan’s Excellent wines •    LoganRangeWines in theLogan range are produced exclusively from grapes grown in Orange Region’s thehighest altitude vineyards.

Such wines are unrivaled as they bring Europe’srestraint and elegance but always with Australia’s character. It is justperfect for those who enjoy something exquisite, and with good value for money. The Logan2016 Sauvignon Blanc has very pale gold colour. It has a vibrant aroma ofguava, meyer lemon, green papaya, and macadamia.

The gently textured palatezings with flavours of lime and pink grapefruit with a long mineral finish. The Logan2016 Chardonnay is also pale straw in colour with aromas of pear, nectarinepomelo and a whiff of gunsmoke. The palate is focused around a mineral corewith flavours of lemon, white peach and cashew, a delicate texture and a longfinish. The Logan2017 ‘Hannah’ Rosé is pretty salmon pink in colour. It has a lifted aroma ofwatermelon, cherry, and cinnamon.

The lightly textured and delicately balancedpalate has flavours of red apple, blood plum, pomegranate and orange zest witha minerally dry finish.  The Logan2012 Cabernet Merlot is a bright red colour with aromas of blackberry, darkchocolate, beetroot, rosemary and tobacco. These continue onto the mediumbodied mouth filling palate which also shows raspberry, thyme and fresh earthand a long finish.  The 2017Moscato is white gold in colour.

It has a fresh aroma of fruit salad andflowers. The semi-sweet palate has an uplifting frizzante with flavours oframbutan, pear and ginger and a clean finish.  •   Vintage ‘M’ Cuvee RangeThe LoganVintage ‘M’ Cuvée, our next range, is named in honour of Malcolm Logan, Peter’sfather.

Produced in the traditional method, the Logan Vintage ‘M’ Cuvee is madefrom the classic French sparkling varieties of chardonnay, pinot noir, andpinot meunier. A lovely rose gold colour with very fine bubbles and apersistent mousse, the Logan Vintage ‘M’ Cuvée is comprised predominantly ofchardonnay, with approximately 20% pinot noir and 20% Pinot meunier. The redpinot varieties contribute a wild strawberry and spice element to the perfumewhilst the Chardonnay component creates an elegant and luscious sparkling wine,with complex nut, biscuit and zippy lemon aroma that leads into a crisp butfull palate and a lovely long finish.

 •   Clementine Range Clementine,our next range, is described as a little sassy, full of vitality and with atouch of boldness.  The 2017Clementine Pinot Gris has a lovely burnt orange colour. It also has bright andrich aromas of poached pear, orange rind, wild strawberry, florals(honeysuckle, jasmine, and rose), spice (cinnamon, allspice, ginger and fennelseed) and walnut with stone fruit (peach, red plum and apricot), orange, quinceand guava flavours. The palate has a distinct tang along with a silky textureand velvety tannins offering structure and length.  The 2017 Clementine’Blushing Minnie’ Pinots is a deep raspberry colour. It has a pretty aroma ofwild strawberry, orange rind, florals (like rose and violet) and spice (likecinnamon, nutmeg, caraway seed and tarragon) with raspberry, blood plum, andcherry flavours.

The palate has a silky smooth texture and velvety soft tanninsoffering mouthfeel.   •   Weemala RangeIt takes itsname from an aboriginal word which means “good view” and the name of the Logan vineyard in Mudgee. The littledevils on the labels represent the local Mudgee birds that have a very goodview of the Logan vines. The 2016Riesling has very pale in colour and strong aromas of mandarin and orangeblossom while the long minerally palate has flavours of lime and iced tea. Adry and juicy core is balanced by a slate-like acidity and a little”spritzig'”freshness.  The 2017Gewürztraminer is white gold in colour and has aromas of red apple, turkishdelight, lavender and guava with flavours of lychee, pear, rose water, gingerand woody spices on a textured palate with a clean spicy ginger finish. The 2016Pinot Gris is light copper in colour, and has aromas of quince, blood orange,honeysuckle and nougat with pear, white peach, ripe lemon and almond flavourson a silkily textured palate before a long dry lemony finish. The 2016Pinot Noir is bright cherry red in colour and has perfumed aromas of bushstrawberry, wild flowers, cinnamon and toast with flavours of cherry, rhubarb,red berries and spice on a bright and complex palate.

The 2015Shiraz Viognier boasts of aromas of mulberry, dark chocolate, allspice, freshearth, white pepper and fennel with a floral lift while the rich medium-bodiedpalate has flavours of blackberries, plums, liquorice and spice with a longfinish.  The 2014Merlot gives aromas of blue and blackberries, plum, violets, dark chocolate,black olive and truffle with a soft palate of bright mixed berries and thymebefore a long dry finish.  The 2016Tempranillo has aromas of black cherry, mulberry, nutmeg, cocoa, and licoricewhile the robust palate has flavours of sarsaparilla, plum, blackberry, woodyspices and vanilla bean before a long finish.  •    Apple Tree Flat Range The AppleTree Flat Semillon Sauvignon Blanc is pale straw in colour with a green tinge.It has an aroma of guava, lemon zest, lime, lanolin, sage and sea spray withflavours of mixed citrus, white peach, and nuts before a clean citrus finish.  The 2015Apple Tree Flat Chardonnay shows a white peach, grapefruit and nut aroma.

Thetextured palate has flavours of pear, lemon, and nectarine before a long cleanfinish. The 2016Apple Tree Flat Rosé has a lovely watermelon, red berry, and spice aroma. Itsbright palate has flavours of mixed berries, cherry, and plum before a longcrisp finish. The 2013 AppleTree Flat Merlot is deep garnet in colour. Its rich aroma shows characters ofblueberry, dark chocolate and rosemary with flavours of blackberry, plum andblack olive on the smooth palate.

 The 2014Apple Tree Flat Shiraz is a lovely crimson red colour. Its perfumed aroma showscharacters of red berries, white pepper and star anise with a floral lift. Thefleshy palate has bright flavours of mixed berries, plums, cinnamon, andlicorice. The 2013Apple Tree Flat Cabernet Merlot is bright red in colour.

The rich aroma showscharacters of raspberry, blueberry, dark chocolate, tobacco and fresh turnedearth with flavours of blackberry and thyme on the mouth-filling palate. FriendlyService and Live MusicAside fromthe distinct line-up of gourmet wines and food, Logan Wines is proud of itsfriendly service for their visitors. Throughout the year, it hosts the hottestchefs from Sydney’s top restaurants for degustation dinners matched to aselection of Logan wines.

Anotheradd-on to this great place is the live music to give their guests a completewine-tasting experience. So, what areyou waiting for? Head to Logan Wines and discover why it could be your bestcellar-door holiday.  

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