Atuona is the chief town of the walrus shaped island of Hiva Oa, which the universe has known as the concluding resting topographic point of Gallic creative person Paul Gauguin. Nestled among a theatre of mountains with the Bay of Traitors, Atuona Port is a darling port of call for many yachts and ships.

The geological make-up of the island is alone and complex due to its volcanic beginning. Atuona used to be the capital of the Marquesas Islands until it was replaced by Taiohae. The island is the largest and the most fertile in all Marquesas, full of deep vales, elaborate tableland and rich woods. Tourists can take a pilgrim’s journey into the grave of Gauguin and singer Jacques Brel on the side of the Calvary graveyard. The Gauguin Museum in Atuona showcases transcripts of his work, every bit good as a reproduction of his place called La Maison du Jouir ( House of Pleasure ) .

Near the airdrome, Jacques Brel ‘s aeroplane has been erected as a commemoration to the Belgian vocalist. Scattered across the island are the tikis, which are big wood and rock carvings of android signifiers believed to be housed by a spirit.

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Aside from the Gauguin Museum and the House of Pleasure, visitants can besides bask a sightseeing circuit of Paumau Village where the biggest tikis in the full Polynesia can be found. The topographic point is said to hold the most extended archeological site in the full island. The posterities of Gauguin live in this small town every bit good. Above the small town is a exuberant jungle where you can happen the Oipona me’ae temple that has the 8 pess tall tiki Takaii. Another topographic point of involvements includes the scenic small town of Hanaiapa where the Vaipeehia River flows.

You can besides trek towards Eiaone and Punai where you can see the petroglyphs carved in rock.About 7 stat mis south-west of Atuona Port is Taaoa Valley which is full of archeological ruins. Here you can happen the historical site of Upeke which occupies the whole vale where many items of the antediluvian ‘s manner of life are still preserved. This is an off-road trip utilizing an off-road vehicle, but it can besides be reached by pes. Or you can besides take a speedy dip at the black sand beach. Other possible activities include fishing, diving, and horse-back equitation at Hanau spread.

Or you can see deep-sea fishing or swim in Vainako falls.


The Hiva Oa Hanakee Pearl Lodge Hotel in Atuona is a beautiful resort that has 14 cottages resting on the hillside among exuberant flora. Guests can bask an out-of-door patio overlooking the Traitors Bay, and all the comfortss in each of the cottages. The hotel besides has an out-of-door swimming pool and a eating house. Public phones are everyplace including the port.


Atuona has several supermarkets where you can happen a good choice of fresh fruits and veggies, frozen meats, vino and beer. For pastry lovers, they can acquire keep of fresh baguettes and crescent rolls on sale at these supermarkets every bit good.

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