story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of
experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.”   

Graham Greene, The End
of the Affair

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When I started thinking about
curating this portfolio , I was convinced that
starting as early as possible would indubitably  limit the last -minute  frenzies .I  was cognizant of the fact that the more
time  I set aside for  writing , selecting , organizing and
compiling  different documents, the
better the final product .

 Basically,  this  portfolio is a physical document that is
intended , in part , to provide documented and tangible evidence of my training
at CIFFIP , and in my region with my mentor . It is also intended to provide
evidence of my ongoing professional growth through a process of inquiry ,
experimentation and reflection .  Additionally
 , it is not a mere collection of modules
, but rather a personal narrative of my unique experience , my  expectations and aspirations as a future
inspector . I firmly believe that a small set of well chosen documents is more
effective than a large , unfiltered collection of all my training documents .

At the beginning of this document I
deemed it  necessary to talk about myself
 and my entire teaching career . By
expanding on my teaching experiences , I wanted to highlight  the different paths and the hats that I have
worn throughout  my professional career .

 The process of curating  this portfolio  gave me an unprecedented opportunity to acquire
in-depth subject  knowledge  , hone  and master the skills and attitude of
success  . It also did  help me reflect on my training  , and my growth  which I consider a step toward a more
professional view as  a scholarly
activity .

As far as organization is concerned ,
I tried to include a cross section of my training   and not
just one aspect of it . Interestingly  ,  The alternation of theory at  CIFFIP and  practice in field training in my region gave
me a deep insight into the nature of my work as a future inspector .Throughout
this unique experience of here and there , I embarked on a continuous  process of refining and fine-tuning  the aforementioned knowledge , skills and
attitudes .

Almost every part of this portfolio  is accompanied with some sort of context ,
explanations , thoughts , and reflections . Through the table of contents and the
chapter’s map I tried to make organization explicit to the reader to help them
navigate my portfolio at ease .

 By and large , the process of constructing
this document as a synthesis of my training , my learning ,  and  my professional
growth is more important than the product itself .

At its best , My portfolio gives a
vivid  and unique  portrait of who I am , where I was ,   what I learned , and what I aspire to do as a
future inspector .  In essence it  is a  miniature of  my journey of learning .  

However , I truthfully admit that the
process of curating this portfolio was a daunting experience ,  to say the least . For  almost  a whole year the different steps of drafting ,
redrafting , editing and finalizing the different parts of this portfolio
filled  me with dread, exhaustion , and
drudgery . My enjoyment of the fruits of my labour was vitiated by increasing
and unrelenting pressure .This weighed heavily on my mind . At times I felt
haunted to the extent that each time  I
went  to bed , I would start
pondering  on my portfolio . Whenever an
idea sprang to my mind , I would immediately jump out of my bed , even in the
middle of the night , and write it down for fear that I  would 
forget it .I have wondered for a while how to dissolve this sense of
pressure that seemed omnipresent throughout this year . A constant feeling of
overload drained my joy , and flared the stress cycle as well .

 Studying most of the modules in  French  and at times in Arabic exacerbated the already
tense feelings that I had , and at times
I looked completely flummoxed .The last French lesson that I had
dates back to 1992 .

On the bright side ,  these negative feelings made me stronger as
Gibran Khalil once said ‘ out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls ,
the most massive characters are seared with scars ‘

This portfolio has been complemented
by referenced sources duly acknowledged( text , data , graphics , pictures and
tables that have been borrowed from other sources are specifically accredited
.references are cited in accordance with anti plagiarism regulations .

To crown all , This portfolio has
proved immensely useful for me . It  has
supported a reflective approach , and  it
has helped me become  aware of my
strengths , improve  on existing
weaknesses , and constantly monitoring my own development as a future inspector
. The process I went through was unlike any other experience in my life .



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