The visitants were highest in France in 2009, whereas United States has a high figure of visitants for three back-to-back old ages 2006, 2005 and 2004. Spain had the highest figure of visitants among the 10 old ages in the old ages 2003, 2002 and 2001. The ground for France holding such high figure of visitants is because France improved the selling of its touristry every bit good as France has some natural attractive forces like the cultural, nutrient, vino, and the architectural heritage.

The political stableness and security which makes the topographic point safer for traveling.The ground for United Sates touristry falling the figure of visitants in twelvemonth 2007 and 2008 is because of the economic downswing which United States grounds were more of recognition crunch. The United States. the grounds for rise in touristry was united provinces urban attractive forces are its metropoliss every bit good as other attractive forces are the broad scope of amusement Parkss, festivals, chancing, golf classs and architectural heritage and hotels, museums, watering place, assorted eating houses and athleticss activity.

The September 11 onslaughts took a major hit to the touristry industry of United States because of security issues. Tourist did n’t experience safe traveling and United States visa regulations were made more rigorous.Spain was the state which had the highest figure of visitants for the past 10 old ages every bit good as for three back-to-back old ages 2003, 2002 and 2001 Spain had the highest figure of visitants the Numberss each of these three old ages were so high that no other state among the 10 states mentioned supra have had in the analysed old ages from 2000-2009. the natural attractive forces of Spain plants for Tourist so good which are its warm conditions every bit good as beaches, besides the civilization is unfastened and the environment is relaxed and that is the major ground why tourer prefer Spain as a travel finish.Get downing 2000 onwards the authorities of Spain realised the part of touristry to the economic development and for three old ages the authorities supported the touristry industry but after 2003 the authorities had already diverted so much attending that it bury the assorted other of import developments in the state.

Which is one ground why after 2003 Spain ‘s Tourism saw a downwards tendencies in the visitants Numberss to Spain.For back-to-back 10 old ages United States had the highest income generated from touristry. After United States it was France who had addition in income from touristry in the twelvemonth 2009. Spain was the 3rd in footings of higher income from Tourism. United States saw the highest income from touristry because of addition in the consumer outgo on nutrient which the heavy users of cyberspace users increase in United States. Though it was economic downswing in United States but for most Asians saw an addition in travel because of the autumn in the dollar every bit good as addition in the disposable income in the Asiatic Country.For France every bit good as the Consumer Expenditure on nutrient increased every bit good as proverb an addition in the cyberspace users. France did saw higher consumer disbursement on autos as the enrollment of new autos increased enormously.

Spain offers a really attractive holiday environment with its natural beauty and that is the ground Spain received higher figure of comsumer disbursement on touristry merchandises like conveyance, auto hire and adjustment for tourers. Italy has a different civilization and a different experience with regard to the architectural heritage, the Italian nutrient every bit good as hotels and the attractive forces in and around the metropolis are and these are the grounds for Italy for addition in the income generated from touristry. The tourer disbursement in Italy gave rise to increase in income coevals.For Italy the touristry board, private investings every bit good as authorities support is the most of import support for the addition in the touristry and the income from touristry in Italy.The other states that have seen addition in Income generated is Germany. Germany has extensive conveyance system to back up the travel and touristry industry. the chief grounds for Germanys addition in income from touristry is the governmental administration in Germany like the national tourer board of Germany every bit good as the Federal Ministry of Economic and engineering who are assisting in the selling of the touristry and development of the substructure which is a large support for the touristry industry and hence it is seen addition in figure of visitants increase in income from the foreign currency every bit good as German economic system has strengthen and tourers growing in disbursement on consumer merchandises in Germany.

Task two

1. Scotland:


Scotland is located in the North of United Kingdom with an country of 787772 sq km the highest mountain is Ben Nevis and the Longest River is Tay, it has 800 islands and the clime are around -9 winters and +30 summers


The dwellers of the Scots Highlands were originally of Celtic descent, and a little figure of them still talk Gaelic, an ancient Celtic linguistic communication which is now being encouraged one time once more in schools. In the southern portion of the state, the people are descended from ancient Scots with broad inputs by Nordic influences and a spot of Anglo-Saxon.Most church-going Scots belong to the national Church of Scotland, which is Presbyterian. The fold of each Kirk ( church ) chooses its ain curate after a test discourse, and every member of the church has some portion in regulating it.

In general, sermon and prayer occupy a larger topographic point in the church service than ritual and music. The Roman Catholic Church has many members, particularly in the Greater Glasgow country where there are many people descended from Irish immigrants. The Episcopal church of Scotland resembles the Church of England but is an independent organic structure


There are more than 100 assemblages of the kins, which draw many visitants to the Highlands.

At these assemblages jocks have oning kilts vie in such ancient Highland athleticss as throwing the cock and fliping the caber, a long, heavy pole. Bagpipers and Highland terpsichoreans add coloring materials and involvement to the assemblages. Soccer is the athleticss played in Scotland. ( Scotland, 2010 ) . Scotland nutrient has beef, oatcakes,Scrotch-Broth and Black Bun.

Scots whiskey is celebrated drink.

2. India


India has land frontiers of 15200 kilometers with Andaman ad Nicobar as islands in the Bay of Bengal and Lakshadweep in the Arabian Sea ; it is flanked by Himalayas in the North and Kanyakumari the southern tip of the Indian Peninsula. Ganaga, Indus and Brahmaputra are the chief rivers in India Culturethe Indian civilization is one of the oldest civilization and unique. The South, north, north-east have the ain cultural niche.

India has a huge diverseness it has four major faiths Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Hindi is the national linguistic communication and every province has its ain linguistic communication.


Indian Society is more of household based and has hierarchy and the people enjoy life with the assortment of festivals around the twelvemonth. Indian nutrient is rich in spices every bit good as comeuppances are the sweet contrasts to the spices in the Indian nutrient. Hockey, Cricket is the Sports enjoyed in India. India is known for its humanistic disciplines, civilization and architectural heritage.


South Africa


South Africa has an country of 472,281 square stat mis ( 1,223,208 square kilometers ) . It lies at the southern terminal of the African continent, bordered on the North by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Swaziland ; on the E and South by the Indian Ocean ; and on the West by the Atlantic Ocean. The independent state of Lesotho lies in the center of east cardinal South Africa.


A strong sense of cultural discreteness or peculiarity coincides with well-established practical signifiers of cooperation and common designation. The diverseness and atomization within cultural groupings and the balance of tensenesss between those groups during the 20th century prevented interethnic civil struggle. While intergroup tensenesss over resources, entitlements, and political laterality remain, those struggles are every bit likely to oppose Zulu against Zulu as Zulu against Xhosa or African against Afrikaner.


European manners in frock, lodging and family utensils, worship, and conveyance became general position symbols among all groups except rural traditional Africans by the mid-nineteenth century.

Since that clip, conveyance has served as a position symbol, with all right Equus caballuss, innovator waggons, and horse-drawn carts giving manner to imported luxury cars.The consists of the traditionally simple menu of starches and meats characteristic of a agriculture and frontier society. Early Afrikaner innovator husbandmans sometimes subsisted wholly on meat when conditions for trade in cereals were non favorable. A specialised culinary art exists merely in the Cape, with its blend of Dutch, English, and Southeast Asiatic cookery. Food plays a cardinal function in the household and community life of all groups except possibly the British. ( South-Africa, 2010 )

4. Germany


Germany is located in cardinal Europe surrounding the Baltic Sea and the North Sea between Netherlands and Poland, South of Denmark. It has a coastline of 2389 kilometer.

the clime of Germany. The clime in Germany is minimal -10 and upper limit of 35 in summers.


the faith in Germany Approximately 34 % Protestant, 34 % Roman Catholic, 4 % Muslim, with Judaic and other non-Christian minorities.German is the official linguistic communication.

Regional idioms frequently differ markedly from standard German. Minority languages include Danish and Sorbic, while some English and French are besides spoken


Germany is located in cardinal Europe surrounding the Baltic Sea and the North Sea between Netherlands and Poland, South of Denmark.It has a coastline of 2389 kilometer.

the clime of Germany. The clime in Germany is minimal -10 and upper limit of 35 in summers.A typical breakfast consists of a poached egg, staff of life axial rotations with jam, honey, cold meat and cheese pieces, juices and java. The archetypical German bite is cooked sausage ( wurst ) with a staff of life axial rotation. In eating houses, a salad home base will frequently be produced before a chief class, whether or non a starting motor has been ordered ; it is non a side dish, waiting staff will anticipate this to be eaten before the repast is brought.

There is an accent on meat, murphies and noodles, but fish dishes are besides popular. International eating houses, such as Chinese, Grecian and Turkish, are found widely. A typical breakfast consists of a poached egg, staff of life axial rotations with jam, honey, cold meat and cheese pieces, juices and java. The archetypical German bite is cooked sausage ( wurst ) with a staff of life axial rotation. In eating houses, a salad home base will frequently be produced before a chief class, whether or non a starting motor has been ordered ; it is non a side dish, waiting staff will anticipate this to be eaten before the repast is brought. There is an accent on meat, murphies and noodles, but fish dishes are besides popular. International eating houses, such as Chinese, Grecian and Turkish, are found widely. ( Germany, 2010 )




Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean merely south of the Arctic Circle, which passes through the little island of Gr & A ; iacute ; msey off Iceland ‘s northern seashore, but non through mainland Iceland. Unlike neighboring Greenland, Iceland is a portion of Europe, non of North America, though geologically the island is portion of both Continental home bases. The closest organic structures of land are Greenland ( 287 kilometer ( 178 myocardial infarction ) ) and the Faroe Islands ( 420 kilometer ( 261 myocardial infarction ) ) . The closest distance to the mainland of Europe is 970 kilometer ( 603 myocardial infarction ) ( to Norway ) .


Icelanders enjoy freedom of faith under the fundamental law, though the National Church of Iceland, a Lutheran organic structure, is the province church. Icelandic civilization has its roots in Norse traditions. Icelandic literature is popular, in peculiar the sagas and taro which were written during the High and Late Middle Ages.


Icelanders place comparatively great importance on independency and autonomy the chief traditional athletics in Iceland is Gl & A ; iacute ; mom, a signifier of wrestling thought to hold originated in medieval times.

Popular athleticss are football, path and field, handball and hoops. Most of Iceland ‘s culinary art is based on fish, lamb, and dairy merchandises. ( Iceland, 2010 )Germany is the developed finish and South Africa is the developing finish. The biggest difference between the two is the cultural and societal life. South Africa is rearward because of the high degree of corruptness societal system every bit good as political system which keeps the state off from farther economic development. There is so much hierarchical difference which has made South African civilization more and more hard to accommodate to the modern twenty-four hours ‘s fast development.

The attack towards development is more conservative.Germany which has a good developed economic, societal and political construction has developed faster and the economic growing has been enormous, the political system has much developed andGermany is in front in engineering and taking with the fastest autos, package engineering etc. The civilization in Germany is more unfastened which helps in faster credence of the regulations and other development programs and grows faster. Germany has a good developed legal system and South African Legal system is more controlled by the political relations.

Task three

The assorted issues impacting touristry industry are the assorted societal, cultural, economic and environmental impacts of travel and touristry. Social and cultural impacts: touristry may hold many different effects on the societal and cultural facets of life in a peculiar part or country, depending on the cultural and spiritual strengths of that part.

The interaction between tourers and the host community can be one of the factors that may impact a community as tourers may non be sensitive to local imposts, traditions and criterions. The consequence can be positive or negative on the host community.Positive impacts on an country include such benefits as: local community can blend with people from diverse backgrounds with different life styles which through presentation consequence may take to the development of improved life styles and patterns from the tourer illustrations. There can be an betterment in local life through better local installations and substructure ( developed to prolong touristry ) which could take to better instruction, wellness attention, employment chances and income ; more cultural and societal events available for local people such as amusement, exhibitions, etc. improved athleticss and leisure installations created for the tourers which local people may utilize, peculiarly out of the tourer season ; preservation of the local cultural heritage of an country and metempsychosis of its trades, architectural traditions and hereditary heritage ; urban countries which may be in diminution can be revived and the motion of people from rural countries to urban countries for employment may be reversed as occupations will be available in the touristry industry ; addition in youth exchange programmes, small town touristry, place barter programmes and voluntary work overseas.The negative impacts on an country such as substructure ( roads, railroads, wellness attention proviso ) may non be able to get by with the greater Numberss created by touristry ; hapless sanitation may take to diseases for both tourers and local population ; local population ‘s activities and life styles may endure invasion from tourers taking to resentment towards tourers ; the local population may copy life styles of tourers through the presentation consequence and the consequence could be a loss to local imposts and traditions every bit good as criterions of behavior ; there could be loss of negative linguistic communications and traditions taking to the country losing some of its original entreaty ; increased offense could develop through a diminution in moral and spiritual values, taking to greed and green-eyed monster of wealthier visitants ; traditional industries may be lost and local goods replacement vitamin D by imported and Massa produced goods which lack genuineness but entreaty to mass market ; tourers may move in an anti societal mode which could do offense to the local population. Unless sufficient information is provided by the host state and tourer suppliers on the criterions of behavior expected in that country, local populations may come to resent tourers and act sharply towards them, or the host community adopts the same anti-social behavior ; Tourists may be unprepared for societal contact and interaction with the host community ( peculiarly in big self-contained resort countries ) which leads to resentment and constraint in the host community ; there may be linguistic communication barriers between the tourer and the host community which may make communicating jobs.

The economic benefit is of employment. ( ann rowe, 2002 ) .The assorted actions for responsible touristry could be to recognize the importance of the touristry topographic points and architectural heritage, program for its care and renovation, partnerships with corporate and private investing houses for investing houses for turning the touristry industry. Develop a chiseled and effectual selling of the tourer finishs and do it make as much people nationally every bit good as internationally. Put good investing in the employment of people in the touristry industry and acquire them trained to present best of the services and good client experience. Provide high quality tourer merchandises and high quality service to the tourers. Respect single rights and duties from assorted touristry support administration and there concern. Include policy steps of touristry industry while seting up the economic policy for the province.

Educate both the local and foreigners about the assorted issues impacting the touristry industry and its impact on the environment every bit good planetary warming issues.Put concrete and good defined Torahs regulating tourer rights and ends. Increase the quality of security, safety Y in the state. Increase the flow of echt information related to touristry and supervises any incorrect information being passed to any visitants. Increase consciousness about the assorted information Centres for tourer where they can acquire aid from. Involve the circuit operators for assorted responsible selling and advertisement activity related to touristry. Have extended and good networked community meeting related to the touristry publicity. Have ready the assorted adverting and selling stuffs like booklets, circulars and other information related to the metropolis attractive forces at assorted public topographic points.

Conduct a thorough market research with relation to the tendencies in the market every bit good as the service received from the current developments in the touristry industry. Have a tourer reversal community for any issues related to tourist can be solved without any holds which will increase client satisfaction and addition in the figure of tourers and disbursement.Have assorted public conference and exhibitions on the touristry industry nationally every bit good as internationally.Involve the local community every bit good as local concern for bettering gross from touristry every bit good as addition gross from little and average sized local concerns. Have preservation of wildlife every bit good as the heritage of the state and development programs for them.

Plan the crow flow and assorted traffic demands incise of addition in tourist visitants more of eventuality and control technique. Proper planning for sewerage and other waste to maintain the state neat and clean and promote hygienic environment. Have a separate budget every bit good as fiscal program for the touristry development. Promote support from private investors back uping the touristry industry. Make us of engineering to heighten the service to the tourers.

Invest in engineering assisting to back up and heighten the touristry industry.

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