It isn’t how we look up near so much as in dreams. Our giant is non so tall. our lizard male child simply flaunts crusted skin- non his mistake they keep him in a crate and bathe him possibly one time a hebdomad. When folks scream or clutch their hair and pigeon berry at us and blaze and speak of how we slithered up from Hell. it is themselves they see: the sermonizer with the farmer’s misss ( his pouching eyes. their lily-livered legs ) or the female parent staggering towards the sink. a babe quaking in her gnarly custodies. Horror is the company you keep when sunglassess are drawn. Evil does non shack in coops.

Road Signs of Pigs Eating Pork Frank Montesonti
If a faultfinder were asked why the universe was created they might state it was so the goddamn auto could interrupt down in this little. Texas town with a clapboard mark of a hog taking a bite out of a jambon Rhine wine ; snake pit. they might claim Texas itself is a cosmic gag to turn urban man of the worlds selfless. stuck five-hundred stat mis from the existent universe for infinity. For the cynic. any kind of snake pit would do. I suppose. every bit long as it was decently unpleasant. non some shadowy. un-signified underworld. That shit doesn’t fly in Texas. No Hades or anything found in a text edition. And no loud bawling or self-pity. You take your penalty like your ain signature pitched you off the universe. On the chapped telecasting in the fix store were more commercials where animate beings can’t aid but plead to be eaten.

They are baronial illustrations. Helping after assisting they confirm their texture. their spirit. until I become nauseating that there may be some slipped logic in myself that dream-world edginess where the signature turns to devour its signer and I start to surmise this waiting room is hell— the peddling machine of red-hots. the old World News and Reports washed out by the Texas Sun. the odor of fresh tyres. the landscape itself. twisted and foreigner. about excessively unreal to be a impermanent halt. excessively unreal to be a topographic point where they merely allow you subscribe the measure and drive off. self-congratulatory on your journey through snake pit besides known as West Texas besides known as the broad wicked universe. without hungering. without the universe being joyless Where the optimist might even reflect. though in its ain personal snake pit. even the mark in Texas is everlastingly fed.

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Pomegranate Eavan Boland
The lone fable I have of all time loved is the narrative of a girl lost in snake pit. And found and rescued at that place. Love and blackmail are the effect of it. Ceres and Persephone the names. And the best thing about the fable is I can come in it anyplace. And have. As a kid in expatriate in a metropolis of fogs and unusual consonants. I read it foremost and at first I was an exiled kid in the crepitating twilight of the underworld. the stars blighted. Later I walked out in a summer dusk seeking for my girl at bed-time. When she came running I was ready to do any deal to maintain her. I carried her back past whitebeams and WASP and honey-scented butterfly bush.

But I was Ceres so and I knew winter was in shop for every foliage on every tree on that route. Was ineluctable for each one we passed. And for me. It is winter and the stars are concealed. I climb the stepss and stand where I can see my child asleep beside her adolescent magazines. her can of Coke. her home base of untrimmed fruit. The Punica granatum! How did I bury it? She could hold come place and been safe and ended the narrative and all our heart-broken searching but she reached out a manus and plucked a Punica granatum. She put out her manus and pulled down the Gallic sound for apple and the noise of rock and the cogent evidence that even in the topographic point of decease. at the bosom of fable. in the thick of stones full of unshed cryings ready to be diamonds by the clip the narrative was told. a kid can be hungry. I could warn her. There is still a opportunity. The rain is cold. The route is flint-coloured. The suburb has autos and overseas telegram telecasting. The veiled stars are above land.

It is another universe. But what else can a mother give her girl but such beautiful rifts in clip? If I defer the heartache I will decrease the gift. The fable will be hers every bit good as mine. She will come in it. As I have. She will wake up. She will keep the papery flushed tegument in her manus. And to her lips. I will state nil

What the Last Evening Will Be Like Edward Hirsch You’re sitting at a little bay window in an empty cafe by the sea. It’s twilight. and the proprietor is locking up. though you’re still hunched over the radiator. which is easy losing heat. Now you’re walking down to the shore to watch the last blues melting on the moving ridges. You’ve lived in little houses. tight spaces— the walls around you kept shuting in— but the sea and the sky were besides yours. No 1 else is around to imbibe with you from the watery fog. shady deepnesss. You’re entirely with the twirling universe. Goodbye. love. far off. in a warm topographic point. Night is endless here. silence space.

The Future is an Animal Tina Chang In every sort of dream I am a black wolf staggering through a web. I am the spider who eats the wolf and inhabits the wolf’s organic structure. In another dream I marry the wolf and so am really lonely. I seek my name and they name me Lucky Dragon. I would love to state you that all of this has a certain stoping but the most awful narratives are the 1s with no stoping at all. The way goes on and on. The route keeps forking. dividing like an eternal atom. dividing like a lip. and the Earth is on fire. As many times as the book is read. the pages continue to turn. multiply. They said. In the beginning. and that was the moral of the original and most of import narrative. The narrative of adult male. One narrative. I laid my caput down and my caput was heavy. Hair sprouted through the tegument. hair black and flexing toward dark grass. I was going the wolf once more. my ain dentition interrupting into my oral cavity for the first clip. a sort of beauty to be swallowed in interior bite and febrility. My head a marvelous coal until I am the animal. I run from the narrative that is faster than me. the words shatter and pant to outchase me. The narrative gimmicks my heels when I turn to love its hungry face. when I am willing to be eaten to understand my destiny.

Starfish Eleanor Lerman This is what life does. It lets you walk up to the shop to purchase breakfast and the paper. on a stiff articulatio genus. It lets you take the manner you have your eggs. your java. Then it sits a fisherman down beside you at the counter who says. Last dark. the channel was full of starfish. And you wonder. is this a message. eventually. or merely another twenty-four hours? Life lets you take the Canis familiaris for a walk down to the pool. where whole coevalss of biological procedures are boiling beneath the clay. Reeds speak to you of the natural universe: they whisper. they sing. And Heros base on balls by. Are you old plenty to appreciate the minute? Too old? There is motion beneath the H2O. but it may be nil. There may be nil traveling on. And so life suggests that you remember the old ages you ran about. the old ages you developed a lurid life style. advocated careless wantonness. owned a chilly bosom.

Upon contemplation. you are truly surprised to happen how quiet you have become. And so life Lashkar-e-Taibas you go home to believe about all this. Which you do. for rather a long clip. Subsequently. you wake up beside your old love. the 1 who ne’er had any conditions. the 1 who waited you out. This is life’s manner of allowing you know that you are lucky. ( It won’t give you smart or brave. so you’ll have to settle for lucky. ) Because you were born at a good clip. Because you were able to listen when people spoke to you. Because you stopped when you should hold and started once more. So life Lashkar-e-Taibas you have a sandwich. and pie for your late dark sweet. ( Pie for the Canis familiaris. as well. ) And so life sends you back to bed. to dreamland. while outside. the starfish impetus through the channel. with smilings on their starry faces as they head out to deep H2O. to the far and unbounded sea.

To Dorothy Marvin Bell You are non beautiful. precisely. You are beautiful. imprecisely. You let a weed grow by the mulberry and a mulberry grow by the house. So close. in the personal lull of a blowy dark. it brushes the wall and brush off the twenty-four hours till we sleep. A kid said it. and it seemed true: “Things that are lost are all equal. ” But it isn’t true. If I lost you. the air wouldn’t move. nor the tree grow. Person would draw the weed. my flower. The quiet wouldn’t be yours. If I lost you. I’d have to inquire the grass to allow me kip.

The Alien Greg Delanty I’m back once more size uping the Milky Way of your ultrasound. scanning the dark affair. the void. that now the caputs say is chock-full with quarks & A ; strange quarks. gravitons & A ; gravitini. photons & A ; photinos. Our sprout. who art there inside the ballistic capsule of your Ma. the clip capsule of this printout. hurtling & A ; twirling towards us. it’s all daft on this Earth. Our foreigner who art in the celestial spheres. our Martian. our small green adult male. we’re dying to do contact. to inquire frogmans inquiries about the heavendom you hail from. to discourse the whole shebang of the beginning & A ; terminal. the pre-big knock untime before you forget the why and prevarication of thy first topographic point. And. our friend. to state Welcome. that we mean no injury. we’d dice for you even. that we pray you’re non here to repress us. that we’d put away our beam guns. missiles. attitude and portion our universe with you. small large caput. if merely you stay.

Land Swell Mark Jarman Is nil existent but when I was 15. Traveling on 16. like a corny vocal? I see myself so clearly so. and painfully-Knees hemorrhage through my usher’s uniform Behind the confect counter in the theatre After a morning’s surfboarding ; paddling madly To exceed the alert foreigners coming to bust up me. Trundle me clumsily along the beach floor’s Gravel and sand ; my articulatio genuss hurting with salt. Is that all I have to compose about?

You write about the life that’s vividest. And if that is your ain. that is your capable. And if the old ages before and after 16 Are colorless as salt and gustatory sensation like sand-Return to those remembered chilly forenoons. The light distributing like a great tegument on the H2O. And the bluish H2O scalloped with wind-ridges. And–what was it precisely? –that slow waiting When. to inspire yourself. you peed Inside your bathing suit and felt the heat Crawl all around your hips and thighs. And the first set rolled in and the H2O degree Rose in anticipation. and the Sun struck The H2O surface like a brasslike thenar. Flat and gonglike. and the moving ridge face formed. Yes. But that was a summer so removed In clip. so specially curious to my life. Why would I desire to compose about it once more? There was a twenty-four hours or two when. paddling out. An older male child who had merely graduated And grown a great blonde mustache. like a seahorse. Skimmed past me like a smooth machine on the H2O. And said my name. I was so much younger. To be identified by one like him-The easy respect of a sort of God Who besides went to church where I did–made me Reconsider my worth. I had been noticed. He shortly was a little figure traversing moving ridges. The shawling crest environing him with spray. Whiter than chump plumes. He had said my name Without scorn. merely with a spot of surprise To detect me among those seeking the large moving ridges Of the forenoon interruption. His name is carved now

On the black wall in Washington. the frozen moving ridge That grievers cross to happen a name or names. I knew him as I say I knew him. so. Which wasn’t really good. My male parent preached His funeral. He came place in a bag That may hold mixed in pieces of his squad. Yes. I can compose about a batch of things Besides the summer that I turned 16. But that’s my land crestless wave. I must get down Where things began to go on and I knew it.

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