Q 01: Describe Abou Shakra in footings of the value it provides for client. Autonomic nervous system: Abou Shakra has managed to keep its ain individuality by holding satisfied client over the old ages. It was merely possible as it followed some values since its origin to continue its true individuality as a eating house. These values are as follow – Advantage – As a new eating house when it started. it had to vie with the whole market as there was non many different culinary arts available like now. So the competitory market necessitate that Abou Shakra had to offer something that would give him some advantage over the other rivals. This advantage turned out to be the greatest client value offered by Abou Shakra. which was non offered by the bulk of his clients.


Focus on Customer – This eating house have maintained the relentless focal point on client wellbeing and satisfaction and that had originally been the cardinal factor to their success. This client based selling has been proved as the right path for their consecutive victory they have reached so far. Philosophy – Since its beginning. Abou Shakra has placed importance on its elegant dishes. prepared them with passions and provided a memorable experience to their invitees. Abou Shakra has been following this doctrine of all time since its constitution. This doctrine has brought in some other values n different ways.

Such as – Abou Shakra has ever ensured that its supplies are provided day-to-day and they are preserved with appropriate criterion. They have their ain farms for meats and veggies so that they can outdo merchandise in the market. Over the old ages. it has kept its bill of fare every bit simple as possible. Following no complexnesss has allowed it supply the best nutrient so far. It has besides maintained a hygiene environment for its clients so that they can experience like place. Their best characteristic would be their well trained employee flying that that guarantee the extreme client satisfaction.

Q 02: Do you believe Abou Shakra should develop a high-growth scheme? Why or why non? Ans: No. I don’t believe Abou Shakra should develop a high growing scheme. Abou Shakra has successfully managed to roll up good sum of net income over the old ages by following its bing scheme. This scheme has ensured its high efficiency rate all the manner from its beginning. The ground behind this successful scheme –

1 ) Outstanding service – From its twenty-four hours one. Abou Shakra has emphasized on one thing merely and that is client satisfaction. Through its astonishing services. this eating house has managed to fulfill about all the clients it attends every twelvemonth. Elegant dishes. friendly employees and hygiene environment have helped it to accomplish its extremum.

2 ) Correct Locations – Though it was foremost established in 1947. it merely has 12 mercantile establishments in Egypt including 2 international subdivisions. This manner of taking right locations for the nutrient lovers proves to be one of the best strategic ways it has followed. But these assorted locations didn’t come out as a feverish manner of pull offing as Abou Shakra has ever ensured its fresh bringings to its each mercantile establishment.

3 ) Fresh Ingredients – Fresh ingredients besides helped it to keep the equal involvement in all mercantile establishments. They ne’er compromised with any of its ingredients even it was their abroad mercantile establishment which has proved as one of the best manner to guarantee satisfied client.

4 ) Low budget on Advertisement – As Abou Shakra believes that satisfied client is the best advertisement tool. they ever tend to cut down disbursals alternatively of passing a big sum of money. They even try to pass that money on increasing the quality of the nutrient and service provided.

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