Today the world
totally relay upon the electronic media to its every day adventure. People
have no time to be updated through newspaper or watching or listening the news in
the television or radios. People today need to be updated on daily basis
in this competitive world. Most of the people get the information about
the world around through the internet which is fast, accessible,
and reliable. The WWW is huge 
widely distributed in global information service centre for Information services:
news, advertisements, consumer information, financial management, education, government,
e-commerce etc, hyper-link information, access and usage information. To
be able to get everything well managed and updated every second under one roof is
areal challenge. A real expert system is needed with much simpler and less
sophisticated manner.”GIF(Graphics Interchange Format)” is a service introduced to meet the above requirement and to
make the people updated about the news ,views ,reviews, breaking news and latest
headlines in different fields also the new inventions around the world.
This news portal is targeted towards the growing news agencies and the
other organizations which are related to the field of media.

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Existing system: To make a search engine for the directory and articles.
To allow users to make  comments  about the news topics. To make a voting
poll on the present issues


Proposed system: A role based system and can be managed like a real news paper. To
maintain  a  standard  and  structured  website. To make a website that is updated 24
hours. To enhance the quality of news to the users. To give information about
the different firm and  companies of  the  country
which are registered using our directory. Introducing  GIF for  better  view.




the last few years, with the growth of World Wide Web, most of the companies, institute,
organisation etc launch their websites for their specific purposes, to achieve their goals, flow information etc. So there are millions of websites
hosting on their own way. But the company
handle this job to the web developers or programmers. Some website needs a daily update in its content such
as daily news, the changes in prices, advertisement of new products etc.
So for a little change in website, company should go to the programmer, which
is tedious job. No GIF is included.




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