with a classmate using Kolb’s reflective framework, In this study we
will describe the interviewing technique that you will use (structured)
by using a developed questionnaire and another data collection using Myers
Briggs Personality Tests,

An evaluation
of the Kolb’s learning style framework
based on our interview, some justification with suggestions for his personality
development by using Kolb’s tools.



There were beliefs that
learners with different variables (gender, age, experience, preferences)
appeared to have different learning outcomes. However, some employees show a strong
relation between such abilities like intelligence and experiences would
increase the performance,

A host of employees on
the effects of professional environment showed that academic performance is
greatly affected by psychological and cognitive traits of individuals
(interest, motivation, self-efficacy, learning style), personality types
(introversion or extraversion, feeling vs. thinking type), and demographic
characteristics. The present study explores the effects of personality traits (Kolb’s
learning styles) & (Myers Briggs Personality) on academic achievements in a professional environment.



We choice a structured interviewing
technique (Kolb’s learning styles & Myers Briggs Personality), because during
the unstructured interview, different questions are asked of each candidate and
very few notes are taken. so in unstructured interviews, bias is strongly take
place and we often don’t watch it. In order to be away from any bias keep away
from these unstructured interviews. Because unstructured interviews are the easy
to do but does not give an accurate & best results to choose the correct
candidate for a certain position, this is because there is not similar
questions to be asked for all the candidates and can turn the conversations to different
ways based on each character,

Therefore, difficulty take
place in taking the right decision toward the right candidate.

The strike way to get
an accurate and effective information is to use structured interviews.
Structured interviews is not easy to prepare and consume a lot of time as well,
but its been guaranteed as it been used for many times for a lot of years.


Kolb’s learning style presents four distinct learning styles, which are
based on a four-stage learning cycle. Kolb shows that each person by default
prefer a certain way of learning style. Various factors influence a person’s
preferred style. 

Whatever the reason of choosing the style, the
learning style indicate the personality two pairs of variables, which Kolb
presented as lines of an axis, each with ‘opposite’ modes at both end:

Kolb believed that there is not a way to have the
both variables on the same axis (e.g., doing & watch). Kolb’s learning
style is to choose only one of them not both.

It is clearer to see the structure of Kolb’s
learning styles in a 2×2 table. Every learning style shows a mix of two
preferred styles. The table also shows the Kolb’s four learning styles;

Diverging, Assimilating, Converging & Accommodating:

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