Abstract—The major problem of user registration, mostly textbasepassword,is well known.

In the login user be inclined to select simple passwords whichis frequently in mind that are straight forward for attackers to guess,difficult machine created password mostly complicated to user take in mind.User authenticate password using cued click points and Persuasive Cued Click Pointsgraphical password scheme which includes usability and security evaluations.                    This paper includes thepersuasion to secure user authentication & graphical password using cuedclick-points so thatusersselect more random or more difficult to guess the passwords. Inclick-basedgraphical passwords, image or video frame that providedatabaseto load the image, and then store all information into database. Mainlypasswords are composed of strings which have letters as well as digits. Exampleis alpha-numeric type letters anddigits.Keywords: User Authentication, Graphical Password, Persuasive CuedClick-Points, Cued Click Point.

1.INTRODUCTIONThereare a lot of effects that are most well-known about passwords; such as thatuser cannot memorize complicated password which is simple to identify. A userregistration is supposed to support strong passwords for preserve to keep inmind and protection. The user registration process allows choosing whileinfluencing users proposed for difficult passwords. The task of selecting weakpasswords is more monotonous, avoids users from making like choice. This typeof registration schemes it is use for very protected password. Instead ofincreasing the burden on users, it is much easier to use the system’ssuggestions for a secure password – a feature absent in most schemes.

In thisapproach to create the primary normal click point visible password and cuedclick point created an inter lab connecting study with a variety ofparticipants. The results shows and explained that Cued Click Points method isuseful at condensed the number of user connected areas of the image where usersare more likely to select click points while still maintaining usability. Inthis paper also analyze the efficiency of tolerance value and security rate.  BACKGROUND-Instead of text password, Graphicalpasswords have been proposed to improve both usability andsecurity issues.For registration process the text based password is better, whileit is not more secure.

By the use of bio metric or token base password is weak and problem oriented .In this method to moderate the troubles with conventional methods. Greg Blonder first described theidea of graphical password in the year 1996. In the use of Graphical passwords that providesalternative, and are the center of this paper. GraphicalPasswords Using Normal Click Points-The password which is secure information for every user if the password is used like graphical is use for userregistration process. Graphical password isattempts to influence the user stored in mind forvisible data.

Previous survey of visible passwords is obtainable in a different place of interest in this arenormal click -based graphical passwords. In suchsystems, users identify and target formerly preferred locationswithin more than one images. The Click Points is a planned to set pass point. The method ofclick-point user selects single points instead of 3 point on 3 images. Themethod provides cued-recall the facilities visible cued immediately providemessage if they enter wrong click point. Using the previous survey Persuasivetechnology is to inspire to encourage new concept.

This method providessolution to user for selecting best password. User will not avoid the effectiveelements as well as final password must be memorable. The path for candidate tochoose difficult password which is can’t to access easily. If the click pointselect as randomly so formation of hotspot is minimized. In Pass-Points, theuser password use continues five click points provides on particular image.

AUser might choose the appropriate pixel for password.  SYSTEMDESIGNThesystem designed with the help of three modules suchasAuthentication Process, User registration /Sign Up processmodules.Loading video and creating frame module, picture selection module and systemlogin module System design modules User authentication process user selectlogin screen ask user id and password, then user will retrieve the image fromdatabase and ask user for click point here minimum 3 point are necessaryrequire, this process is continuously repeat until the no match found ,souser will continue to re- login into the page. In user registration module userenter the user name in user name field and also suitable tolerance value. Whenuser entered the all user details in registration phase, these registrationdata of different users stored in data base and used during login phase forverification. In the previous section select image from system and createminimum 3 click points then store the total information of user to the database and ask the user to select more images.

Otherwise ask for load the videoand select a particular frame from the video and provide object name, finallystore the information into data base. IMPLEMENTATION main menu user registrationprocess login, signup,         forgot passwordsecurity question if user forgot password sign up process if useris not registered       loading video and creating frame Passwordguessing attack-Mostcritical guessing attack against Cued Click Points is a brute force attack, through the predictable achievementbehind explore partially of the passwordspace yet, skewed password separation that provides attacker togive on this harm for that metadata of information can be formedof server-side information. Then this dictionary information canbe used for the guessing of theclick point in an image.PasswordCapture attacks-In this attackswhen attackers directly obtain passwords by interceptinguser entered data and tricking users into revealing their passwords. In capturing one sign in instance allows deceptiveaccess by a simple replay attack. Somesecurity schemes are vulnerable tocarry surfing threat.

Examine the estimated location of click points may reduce thefigure of guesses essential to decide the user’s password. Usercrossing point, normally attacks against cued-recall graphical passwords, a frame of orientation must berecognized between parties to correspond the password in enough detail.Graphical passwords may also be shared by taking picture, capturing screenshots, or drawing, although requiring more attempt than for text passwords. ImagePattern Attack-In thispattern-based attack that provides passwords with of click-points ordered in a consistent horizontal and verticaldirection (with straight lines in any direction,arcs, and step patterns), as wellas ignores anyimage-specific characteristics such as hotspots. Given that Cued Click Point passwords are fundamentally impossibleto tell apart from arbitrary for click-pointdistributions among the x- and y axes, angles, shapesand slopes. CONCLUSIONAs weare providing the only one image for the authentication purpose it is easierfor the user to remember and difficult for the attacker to attack because it isdifficult for the attacker to see at click points area of the image. Using ofthe graphical password method it is undeveloped.

In the various research andstudy the various approach the graphical password method is provide wide strongsecurity and very convenience. By using database image or creating a frame fromvideo password become strong. This approach encourages and guides users inselecting more random click-based graphical passwords.

A key feature in thismethod is that creating a secure password is the givenpath-of-least-resistance, it likely to be more productive than schemes where itsecurely adds an extra load on users.

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