Abstract:Introduction: Now a days obesity is a very common condition we can see in most of the people living in developing countries. It causes so many other health problems along with their regular lifestyle habituates. In those infertility is one of the important problems occurs due to obesity by altering the hormonal levels in female population.Materials and Methods: 30 obese patients and 30 healthy individuals from the OP of Saveetha Dental College. Serum samples were analyzed for the their hormonal status by using kit method in autoanalyzerResults: There is a significant increase in LH (12.88 ± 6.69) and FSH (9.55 ± 4.8) as well as their ratio (LH/FSH- 1.93 ± 2.13) by the influence of obesity on them.Conclusion: The study states that high risk of obesity may leads hormonal imbalance which may leads to infertility in female obese patients.Key words: Obesity, LH, FSH, Infertility, LH FSH ratio            Introduction:?It is well known that obesity is one of the most common condition affected in most of the developed and developing countries(1)?. It is a systemic oxidative stress condition. In this the raise in lipid peroxidation, release of reactive oxygen species and decrease in antioxidant status will occur. (2)Stephanie A.SHORE (reference) ?Energy imbalance been said to be a major cause for obesity, that is calories consumed were relatively higher than the calories utilized, it causes caloric imbalance which mainly leads for the fat deposition which in terms leads to obesity. (3) Brian E.Sansbury & Bredford G.Hill.There are many other reasons like life style, occupation, working environment and social influence e.t.c (4)??It has been studied by so many researchers that the altered hormonal levels or hormonal imbalance may leads to infertility (5)?. It is important to know the status of LH and FSH in case of delayed fertility or else in infertility (6)?. Few of the researchers were discussed that obesity also one of the reason which may can cause infertility by altering the hormonal levels (7)? .Materials and Methods?Patients were selected from those attending the outpatient department of Saveetha Dental College, and hospitals and divided into two groups as followsGroup I – Normal healthy individuals with normal BMI –(19-24.9) – 30 individualsGroup II – Obese Individuals with Increased BMI- (30-40) – 30 individualsInclusion Criteria?Individuals with the age group of twenty to thirty years?Obese Individuals?Females with regular menstrual cycleExclusion Criteria?Individuals with other systemic illness like cardio vascular disease, Renal failure, Stroke, endocrine illness.?Individuals with acute illness like fever. ?Immunocompromised individualsSample collection?Informed consent was obtained from the patient before sample collection. 3ml of venous blood was collected and distributed in plain collection tubes and centrifuged in 3000rpm for serum. Then serum was separated and analysed to estimate the LH and FSH by ELISA Method using ROBONIK ELISA READER.  Results:Table 1: Mean, SD and Significance value of LH, FSH and LH, FSH ratio in two groups parametersControlsObese patientsp-ValueLH5.99 ± 3.5412.88 ± 6.69>0.005*FSH5.4 ± 2.789.55 ± 4.8>0.005*LH/FSH ratio1.31 ± 0.721.93 ± 2.13>0.005*


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