Adidas, Under Armour, Reebok, Puma, are just some of the names of many brands. But none of those have the history or background as Nike does. Nike was named top brand for the last 6 years. Nike sponsored  many different sports activities, but also being famous for their wide variety of apparel. Nike is mostly famous for there many different selection of shoes. Nike has made enough shoes to produce 9.1 Billion dollars.(Business Insider, 2015) Over 80 NBA players have their own shoe sponsored with Nike. That’s more than any other brand, and there’s more than just players.  All over the world people wear all kinds of different brands ranging through many different kinds. You don’t think much of it but they are everywhere. Nike has their logo or slogan ´´ Just Do It´´ on all kinds of things including shorts, sweatpants, shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, and many more. But we can’t forget about their most famous, product. Nike footwear has became more and more famous. Mostly because of the athletes they sponsor. In 1984 Michael Jordan did not only become sponsored by Nike but also his own brand was invented.(History of Jordan,Peter Moore) Now in 2017 he has over thousands of shoes made with his Air Jordan brand on them. The first actual athlete was sponsored in college, at the University of Oregon. The Blue Ribbon Sports/Nike sponsored Steve Prefontaine. Steve was a long distance runner at the UO. He was coached by Bill Bowman the head coach of the track team but also the cofounder of the The Blue Ribbon Sports or Nike. Over his career he trained 31 olympians, 51 All Americans, 12 American Record Holders, 22 NCAA champions, and 16 sub-4 minute milers. He was a track legend but sadly died in 1999. Blue Ribbon Sports that was actually the name of Nike from 1964-1971, then changed to Nike by its founders. The Owners are Phil Knight and Bill Bowman. It’s crazy to think that Phil Knight’s favorite sport is baseball and yet not many teams are sponsored by Nike in collegiate and Professional baseball. Phil attended The University of Oregon as well but did not play a sport just earned his degree in business and moved onto owning a big time business. Oregon has the most unique uniforms in all sports. Especially the football team the Oregon Ducks. The football team has over 13 different helmets and 16 jerseys, all with the logo Nike on them.(For the win, Greg Presto, 2015) They are named College football’s most unique uniforms. Not every jersey is Nike in college sports but Professional Basketball and Football every team has the Nike logo on the right shoulder of their jersey. This year was the first year NBA has been sponsored by Nike and 6th year NFL has been sponsored.  Nike brand wasn’t the first with the name Nike, it was actually taken from history.  Nike isn’t an It it’s actually a woman. Nike was an ancient greek or roman goddess. Her siblings are Kratos, Bia, and Zelus. She was also close with the goddess Athena. She was a companion to the famous god Zeus. She was daughter of Titan Pallas and Styx. Nike is the goddess of Victory. Not only winning many battles or competitions but being kind and humble. Nike flew around battlefields rewarding fighters with glory and fame. She was known for giving them a wreath or sash to crown the victor. After a win in the arena or battlefield the champion would get to take a ride in the golden chariot with Nike, getting to take victory laps around the stadium. Nike wore a silk white toga with her white wings sticking out the back and beautiful gold feathers coming out of the side of her hair. Also Nike always had her gold harp in her hands playing it when not granting victory, and seen with her golden torch. Those who were wingless were given wings by her if caught being humble and positive.  The owners in 1971 were deciding on a different name than The Blue Ribbon Sports, they needed something more catchy than that. The first name that came to their mind was Dimension Six,because he loved the movie The 5th Dimension. They had the name picked out but they still didn’t think it was the right name. They slept on it and the next morning Johnson, a manager awoke and said the name ´´Nike.´´ He knew instantly that Nike was the name that fit the best. So he took it to the board and they loved it. Since 1971 Nike has remained the name of the company. Nike right now is the number one sponsor for most athletic sports including  college  football and basketball and professional basketball and football. The college football phenomenon is Nike…Nike…Nike. Most teams sponsored by Nike have a unique color way or pattern.  There are close to 5 different jerseys a team including the Nike logo on every corner of them. But there is also Under Armour, Adidas, and Jordan Jerseys. Nothing is like Professional sports. This year the NBA was sponsored in July announcing they will for now on have the Nike logo on their jersey instead of Adidas The news and fanbase blew up with excitement to see the creation Nike has performed with the jerseys.  On September 15 Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers walked out of the locker room with A blue, white, and red jersey on with the number 32 and the nike logo on the corner of it. The pictures went insane all over the world, two days later one player of every team got together to show them off and that’s when it was official that Nike was the proud sponsor of the NBA. They weren’t the first team sponsored though. The NFL five years ago canceled there sponsorship with reebok and was told that Nike had a better quality, more tough material and an overall better company. Every game if the jersey is tore or stretched Nike makes the player a new one. Every year the NFL helps Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing pink, well nike is the factor of that. Each team will get a jersey in help of Breast Cancer Awareness and it will have pink all over it. Also the coaches are are given Nike caps,  head sets, coats and more for this. Starting in December they Nike sponsored Solute the Service ( A wounded Warrior project) by wearing Camo on their jerseys. These are big times for the Nike organization because they raise a lot of money but then give it away to help our army or help find a cure for cancer. The Nike organization has a great history of how it started but even a better future of what it will become. Last year they raised over six million dollars for charity and donated it to organizations that needed help.( Eleanor Goldberg, 2016)  The sports programs all over the world are lucky to have such a great company that they can trust. Nike to is something that helps in many differents ways all around the world, the sports industry wouldn’t be the same without Nike.

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