African America Women Essay, Research Paper


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African American adult females have excelled in virtually every sphere of the universe? s

spectrum. Born of a desire to win, Maggie L. Walker, Shirley Chisolm, Corretta Scott

King and Mya Angelou, to call merely a few, are sisters that have paved the manner towards

excellence and served as function theoretical accounts for an full state of free black adult females in America

today. Yet Afro American adult females still face a myriad of faltering blocks when seeking to

cleft the glass ceiling of corporate America.

Coming from the rear & # 8211 ; with regard to rank among black work forces, white adult females and

white work forces & # 8211 ; black adult females are doing headroom in the American concern industry. We have

ever known that we must work harder, think faster, be more originative and accept a great

trade more unfavorable judgment than any other group in order to be every bit successful as our white

opposite numbers. We accept this challenge and are hopeful of its possible dividends. Sisters

hold harnessed information that takes a concern and its net income to a upper limit, and its mistake

per centum to a lower limit. Corporate America is easy puting more African American

adult females in executive places because of advanced abil

ities and leading accomplishments.

The African American adult female? s position in society have soared enormously since the

early 1900? s. Before the twentieth century? s center, adult females were looked down upon and given

the intervention of a lesser being. In the 1960ss, African American adult females became more

outspoken and began to demo their strength and value to the universe. African American

adult females throughout the provinces showed their independency and pride therefore interrupting the

barriers of gender stereotypes.

Womans in the places have ever been the dominant 1 in the are of kid and, in

some cases, income in the black household. The ability to equilibrate place, work and societal

duties is an art that black adult females have been adept in get the hanging. Juggling the function of

married woman, female parent, nurse, instructor, employee, intimate and friend while seeking non to lose their

sense of ego in the procedure and keeping to their strong beliefs in God. This alone qualifies

her to take and surely to keep a place on any board of corporate personal businesss.

Finally, the African American adult females must go on to endeavor for excellence and her

rightful topographic point. We have non? arrived? we are? geting? and that is progress and something

to be proud of.

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