African Empires 200-1600 Essay, Research PaperThere were many imperiums and lands in West Africa.

The imperiums of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were three of them. These imperiums set the manner for new 1s to come. The manner these people lived is really alone. The most of import thing that all of these people did was trading. This was how all of the prospered so good. The West African imperiums of Mali, Ghana, and Sonhai were really of import civilizations to all people of Africa.The Empire of Ghana rose when Africans started to utilize the Camel to traverse the Sahara Desert.

Before this trade across this desert was practically impossible. The trade paths came right through the portion of the savanna, which was originally called the Soninke part. It became known as Ghana because that was what they called their leader. The chief thing that made Ghana such a large imperium is the Gold-Salt trades that they made with the people of the Sahara.

The trading was done under close ticker by the revenue enhancement aggregator for the male monarch. All of the good were weighed to guarantee the right sum. All of the Gold was stored in the male monarch? s castle to maintain it safe. The power all of this gave Ghana allow them set together a immense ground forces.

With a immense ground forces at their disposal they could revenue enhancement all little small towns around them.The land of Mali emerged from a preexistent land, as did some other great imperiums. Like Ghana, Mali was besides based on the trading of gold.

As the mines ran out of gold in Ghana the mineworkers had to switch eastward which put them in the little Mali Empire. With all of this gold the power of the land grew and they were able to take over the fighting Ghana Empire. The first great leader of Mali was Sundiata. Hvitamin E came in and took over many trading metropoliss. A period of peace followed this. He was the leader that reinstated the gold-salt trade.

Sundiata finally died and Mansa Musa took over. Mansa Musa divided the imperium into little self-governed districts. Musa besides brought the Muslim faith to the Mali Empire. When he died his replacements came into power they couldn? T handle the imperium and it finally declined.The imperium of Songhai was one of the lone West African Empires that did non trust on trading Gold. The imperium started by constructing up a immense ground forces to derive power with more land. As they gained more land they gained more trading centres.

Finally they stopped suppressing other imperiums and they traded to maintain their power. This imperium was based on the trade of anything that came to them. The two major leaders of the imperium were Sunni Ali and Askia Muhammad. Ali used military force to take over Timbuktu, which was one of Mali? s major metropoliss. He besides gained about all of the land the Mali held at the clip. Muhammad didn? t addition a batch of land for the land but he made it more organized. He set up Torahs and a authorities to roll up revenue enhancements.

He appointed functionaries to function as curates of the exchequer, ground forces, navy, and agribusiness. Despite all of their difficult work a Maroc contending force of several thousand warriors came in and swept the Sonhai ground forces in a short period of clip.All three of these imperiums relied about all on their trading ability. The Sahara trade paths crossed through all of them. With all of the trading these imperiums were able to construct up immense imperiums and conquer other peoples for more land.

These imperiums all set the manner for future colonies and more engineering.

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