gathering information from the facts and findings through the answers of voters
and explanations of contesting candidates of District Hafizabad it is reached
at the conclusion that voting behavior is varies from rural to urban areas. The
voting behavior of rural areas is based on biradrism along with the personality
of the candidates where as in urban area of city Hafizabad people prefer to
vote on ideology base.As a whole voting behavior of Hafizabad is based on biradrism,
personality and grouping or faction.

are some Recomandation to enhance the voting behavior in a good way in the
region. First of all awareness about the elections should be developed as many
citizens do not caste their vote others take it as a trip to go to polling
stations for casting vote. Litracy rate of the people should be raised as
education is the basic necessitity of life and tool to become active citizens
who use their right of vote according to their will. Election reforms must be made
to make elections free, fair, transparent and regular to maintain the democracy
and trust of voters on electoral process. Contesting candidates should manage
joint meetings with voters in an open atmosphere where thay should represent
future plans for voters and give answers to the questions asked by the voters
to satisfy them. After the elections, contesting candidates whether the winners
or loosers should keep in contact with voters to make sure that thay are their
real representatives. Specials meeting of officials with voters should manage
to entice voters for voting. Family heads should not induced their members in
favour of any specific candidate rather let them free to caste the vote
according to their will and perception. Media should take necessary action to
promote voting through special compaigne neutarly. Military coups should be
checked by masses and other officials. Voting should declare compulsory for all
citizens. Polling should be computerized to stop corruption soecially in the
misuse of ballot papers. Alternative techniques of polling votes should be
manage for special persons like blind. Electoral literature should be
introduced in the syllabus of school to develop awareness at grassroot level.
Biradrism should be eradicated at least from electoral level during elections.

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